Friday, July 22, 2011

What Happens at Night

Butch hops up on his roost... it's too hot in the doghouse.
The babies go up in their tree.

And now I see why, and don't blame them.
The scourge of the henyard. 

I know they have to eat, too.  He wasn't the only one.
As soon as I put the waterer down with cool water, mice appeared and jumped up onto the side to drink.

Everyone stay cool if you can!


  1. You need a cat in your chicken house. Ours do love staying there and have no problems with the chickens.

    We are currently played a radio in our shop to keep the pack rats away...don't know yet if it's working but a friend swears it works!

  2. Argh! We have had rats in our goat barn on occasion. Nasty things!

  3. I'm having major rat problems in my garden shed too! They've chewed holes in the window screens! My cat and dog have been catching them, but there are still more there! BLEGH

  4. We would love to have cats again, but the chicken house (big) has little ventilation, which will be corrected in the spring. Lilly Ann kills feral cats, so right now, it won't work but is a GREAT idea!

    She does kill rats when she can get them! She is also a famous chicken killer, too :-(

  5. A big ol Tom or 2... (fixed of course so they'll stick around)!

  6. Wow great picture of the rat. I have a mini urban farm, so have my own cat and the neighbor has 2, so I haven't seen a rat in my chicken coop or area. What I have that live under my house are possums. We trapped 2 babies that we were going to take to the woods, but they died over night. I guess they were truly scared to death.


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