Thursday, December 31, 2015

Last Post of 2015

I had planned (rather loosely) to do a retrospective of 
our year on this last night... but to tell the truth, 
I did not have time. 

I also want to just say that Keith and I hope that everyone has had a 
good year this year... and is looking forward to 2016, as we are. 

We are blessed to come through the year, despite illness and the 
loss of my brother, with a sense of happiness and 

Here, then, are some pictures from today, to end our year. 

We had our two closest grands last night again, Jax and Paiton. 

Here they have "kitty whisker" hot chocolate mustaches. 

We went to a movie this afternoon in Leavenworth, 
"The Road Chip".  Grandma laughed her head off, and 
yes, the kids liked it, too.  Highly recommend for families to see. 

Yes, we walked, after we dropped the kids off.  You see that there have been several 
walking at the park... but those are Jester's prints on the left, from the last two days. 

It was almost 40 degrees when we walked today, a heat wave! 

On the way home (over some icy roads!) I had the camera out. 

More geese... we recycled on the way to the movie. 

You will have to take my word this is a covey of quail. 

I was so happy to see them. 

Not one picture came out!  

That is the clearest... I was just a little too far up road of them, and could not shoot them very well with the camera.  

They all flew across finally, after fighting amongst themselves, believe it or not. 

And into the woods, where they quickly disappeared from view. 

(If you look directly in the middle, you will see the back of one walking away) 

This was the next thing we saw.. that's a farm sign on the right. 

All summer long, I showed you three deer off and on, that I took along this road. 
In fact, the farm sign in the above picture with the cat is the farm with the beautiful lane where I took their pictures several times.  I was so surprised to see them out in the field tonight. 

And look who was just behind them to the left! 

There they are, a little closer!  

And my favorite little pond and cattle herd were the next things on the road, it was nice 
to know they were sharing their space with the wildings. 

Jester, Jax (who had just had his face licked all over!), Paiton and Lilly join with 
Keith and me in wishing you a safe night, and a 
prosperous and happy New 2016... we are so grateful for your 
comments and your wonderful blogs, and we are so glad 
you are our friends. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Guess what? 

We got about 3 inches of snow... and the intrepid dogs and I walked in it! 

Yes, it was pretty darn cold, and I realized after a few minutes that 
there was ice underneath. 

Pluckiest. Dog. Ever. 

I know he was cold and he came right along, did not hold back. 
I am so proud of him! 

We were alone, as you can see... except for these ... 

The snow showed how many different animals had been there overnight and this morning. 

Lilly took off as soon as we got out of the car... 

And then, as you see... totally got away from me.  Boy, I was worried for a second that she 
was about to take off after squirrels, because there is an open pasture in the direction she is 
looking.  She stopped another ten yards down the path, and I was able to get her.  

As you see, there was no wind, and that's what saved us in the 30 degree weather. 

The ice-covered trees were gorgeous. 

When we got home, there was a gold and a purple finch eating at the nyjer feeder. 

I was glad to see them, I see very few goldfinches here, and we had lots at the old place. 

This blurry pictures shows some of the mourning doves eating... they constantly drive each other off, though we think of them as gentle creatures.  

And then... it happened... I looked out the window to see this. 

Mourning doves on the fenceline. 

See the bird on the post? 


That's why I'm screaming. 

They poop all over everything.  They drive the other birds off. 
They eat EVERY BITE. 

Once they find the feed... look out! 

Remember the chicken houses at the old house?  

The European Starling. 

I guess they have to eat, too.  

At least they will clean up the seed pile! 

And I'd better stock up on seed! 

Monday, December 28, 2015

A Cold Day in Kansas

Well, winter finally came. 

This is looking out the basement window onto the patio.  It was still snowing. 

I restocked seed five times today. 

I was looking down from the tv room here. 

For some reason... the starlings I see flying all around here are not coming 
to the feeders.  

There were doves and several other kinds... and once 
I looked down and saw at least 20 purple finches. 

This is what the dogs did most of the day.  Lilly wanted to walk... but 
it was just too cold.  I actually think she could have done it, but ... Jester would have been a dogsickle. 

This... is the last tomato of 2015!  I have been using the green tomatoes I picked in 
November little by little, and this was the last.  We had tacos for dinner tonight. 

It was a little tough, it had sat in the window a long time. 

I leave you with a lovely picture... 
I am sitting here this evening going through day by day, deleting pictures from 
storage, both from my Passport external hard drive, and from the computer. 

Not deleting this one.  

Everyone in the NE Kansas area, be safe out there, 
and we are praying for all those affected by the terrible tornadoes and flooding, our 
hearts go out to them. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Few Wildlife Shots

Christmas Day dawned foggy and cold. 

I hadn't even seen this cobweb on the porch until it was outlined in frost. 

The mums in the driveway planters were all lined with rime, too. 

I was on my way to church at 8... (for 9 AM service) hoping to see a few animals, and had gone around the first corner and saw these! 

For once, no one was behind me! 

I saw them on the way home from church farther out in a field about a quarter mile down the road

It was a lovely ride to church. 

My family tradition was to go on Christmas Morning, never on Christmas Eve. 

I saw this hawk as I got closer to home after church... you see I had to lighten it up considerably just to show it to you. 

The 26th was still cloudy but the dogs and I were able to get out and walk. 

There are literally thousands of geese on the farm ponds around here now. 

We tried to walk today... but... as you see... the winds were strong.  

We didn't make it very far... Jester and I were just too cold. 

You do not see me. 

No, really, you do not see me. 

You still cannot see me. 

At this point, as I laughed, he flew off farther into the trees. 

There are still mallards on the little cow pond. 

Here they are a little closer. 

I stayed too long, and scared them. 

But I watched from up the road, and they circled right back around. 

Do they know the bad weather is coming tonight? 

This is the big pond near our house... there were literally hundreds around it today.  I am 
not sure any of these are spending the nights there, I think they are heading for the big open water at Wyandotte County Lake.  I am watching for them in the skies. 

We are about to go into a Winter Storm Warning at 6 PM, until tomorrow morning. 
It is our first of the year, and I am praying all my friends who must work tomorrow 
will make it there safely and back. 

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, 
and here's to coasting through the rest of the year! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015!

The days of rushing are over. 

The days of resting are here. 

Keith and I wish all of you the happiest of Christmases. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Post Two, 2015

We are so blessed. 

We are celebrating Christmas Eve quietly, but, 
doing a last minute errand, I saw families pulling up to churches all along 
the way to celebrate Christmas as it should be. 

Our family's tradition was always to go on Christmas morning, 
so at 9 AM, that's where I'll be.  Only once have I missed, 
six years ago when we were snowed into our own 
driveway in the country, and were stuck for 3 days before 
we could get someone to plow us out. 

Our house is quiet, with all the hustle and bustle finished. 

I am watching The Bishop's Wife, 
my favorite Christmas movie.  My mother and I watched it
for many years at Christmas time... and it is still 
one I do not like to miss at the holidays. 

I know my mom is with me tonight. 

She would have liked these two, Jax and Paiton. 

They are celebrating with their mom's family tonight at their 

They are another blessing, along with all the 9 others. 

We have rain coming in Sunday, and possible snow on Sunday, 
but for tonight... we enjoy the beautiful Christmas full moon, the 
last one, probably, that Keith and I will see. 

How beautiful our world is! 

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Christmas Eve, 2015

Here are Jax and Jester last night, made with Superphoto, which is showing up 
all over Facebook these days.  I read the reviews... the paid version 
freezes up a lot, so, until the bumps are smoothed, I'll stick 
with the free version. 

I love this picture, it captures all that's mystical about a little boy and his dog. 

Here's another one, Jax's favorite! 

Keith and I ran to the commissary yesterday morning, and, just as we rounded the corner 
from our house, the sun hit this old barn.  I would LOVE to see the inside.  It's still in pretty good shape. 

I went by the Stranger Creek Bluffs.... the creek is still high there, and we 
are to get rain over the weekend. 

This little guy was in a tree by the big ditch.  He was holding very still. 

This guy was sitting two feet to his left! 

The day went from cumulous clouds and 58 temperatures to 
rain and 41, dropping to the low thirties at night. 

Keith and I also went by the Hund School, where I had not been in several years.  I was dismayed to see it in such bad repair, it has never looked this badly.  

We have made it to Christmas Eve, at last.  The kids will be at 
their other grandma's tonight, enjoying a family dinner and evening. 
They watched the Christmas tree in the spare bedroom last night... 
and we talked about Christmas. 

Tomorrow will be church and a good breakfast out as a treat for 
Keith and me.  I'm looking forward to a day of peace and quiet and
a good read with Keith here at home. 

Merry Christmas, Everyone!