Saturday, July 30, 2011

At the Fair

I grew up in Wyandotte County, Kansas, and lived there all my life until I married Keith and he took me away to Texas for ten weeks, and Illinois for a year and a half.  Back home to Kansas we came, settling in Leavenworth County.  Wyandotte County had a wonderful fair, which I attended with my kids for many, many years.  A carnival, a great rodeo arena, all the Four H stuff you can imagine, and tents full of crafters and a building full of sewed goods, baked goods, canned goods... you get the picture.

Five years ago, the Wyandotte County Fairgrounds was sold to the family who owns Schlitterbahn Waterparks, and they commenced to building a waterpark on our fairgrounds.  One of the promises made was that they would help finance a new fairgrounds.  Many people said the fair would go away now, because the county has become so very developed.  For three years, the fair was held in the parking lot of the now-closed Woodlands Race Track, and then for the last two, they rented our fairgrounds here in Leavenworth County for the 4H fair, and no open classes.  My sister won numerous prizes in the "old days" at the Wyandotte County fair, in open crochet and knitted goods.

I saw Garth Brooks twice at the Wyandotte County Fair.  Because he had signed when he was up-and-coming, he honored his contract though he had become a big star, and I have always admired him for it!
I saw many other famous and not so famous people there, too.  In the fall, the 4H kids put on a haunted stable, and it was so very much fun for the kids, including my own.  We would go through the haunted stable and then sit and roast weinies over big fire pits. 

So tonight, the Wyandotte County Fair was being held at their new location.. it is still in the building stages, and was a shadow of it's former self, but I had fun walking around the fairgrounds with friend Valerie. There were crowds of people there, so maybe there is hope for the fair yet.  In two weeks we have the Leavenworth County Fair that is a few miles from our home... and just after that, Keith and I are driving to Sedalia for the Missouri State Fair (my favorite) and to DesMoines for the Iowa State Fair.

Let the Fair Food Eating begin!

Valerie admiring the 4H prize winning  dresses

Grand Champion Market Steer

I loved this arrangement.  The lady who made it was the attendant in the room (these were in trailers for this year) and told us that she had picked it all from her pasture.  It was lovely.
My pictures are rather dark, I am still not used to the new camera, and I don't think I had it on the right setting!
You surely don't think I'd miss the poultry section, do you?  This rooster had a naked neck, and Valerie thought something was wrong with him!


  1. Thanks for the trip round the fair! Loved it. Where was the food!!!!!! Now come on, you mention food and dont show it!! That Bull, plenty of steak there!!Lol.

  2. It really is hard for the small county fairs to keep going in this economy. Ours was almost cancelled due to storms taking out electricity, but they still managed to pull it off! Of course, our Iowa State Fair, has to be the last and best on your tour of fairs!

  3. County Fairs hold some of our best memories! Glad to see a post like this.

  4. We don't usually make it to our county fair here, but the state fair is a must see! Last year I entered something for the first time - dahlias. This year I'm planning on entering a knit item or two!

  5. Love the fairs. Looks like you had fun.
    Sounds like you are going to be busy very soon traveling to more.

    See you tomorrow.


  6. Neat. We hardly ever go to the MS State Fair. Too commercialized and crowded for us.


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