Monday, July 11, 2011

Much Better Tonight

Tony was much better off tonight, and not displaying any signs of distress.  Keith will stop at home at mid-day tomorrow to eat lunch and refresh water.  By noon, all the waterers are so hot the animals can't drink from them.

The juveniles are now out of their little pen during the day, so the big chickens are imprisoned in the henyard, as I don't want the little ones in the pasture. Something came from the sky into the little henyard today, and I think I may be missing a white hen.... there were feathers everywhere. Tonight I heard an owl very close, and shooed Bitty and Muffy into the henhouse with the rest of the birds, even though they want to roost outside nightly.  I have a feeling I will be cutting flight feathers this weekend.
The D'uccles, both Mille Fleur and Porcelains, are not just big fliers, but very friendly and want to see what's going on.  As soon as I took this picture, the cockerel flew to my shoulder, and rode around with me while I did waters (again!)
They are ALL going to have their flight feathers trimmed.
Here is another one that is:

She MAYBE weighs six ounces, she is the smallest of all the hens, the Old English brassy back red pullet.
She flew OUT of the pen today, and Lilly was in the yard.  My heart stopped, but I was able to catch her and get her back in.  I should have gone for the scissors then and there.

Here is Brutus, the Welsummer cockerel, mooning at the gate because he wants back in with his buddies in the juvenile pen.  He is WAY too big at this point, as you see.  He was already starting to beat the little guys up. 

Aztec has the right idea... I keep the ground around the tank good and wet, so it stays as cool as possible.  Butch's two hens lay back there behind it, in the shade of the walnut tree, and Azzie likes to lay by it.  Her mama uses the pool, and I am hoping Azzie learns how, too.
Lil has the coolest place in the house, the bathroom floor.  Smart girl!


  1. So glad to see Tony looking better! I sure we will get a break soon from this heat.

  2. Wow, you all need some relief from the heat! Such good news about your Tony, I was on pins and needles reading your last post! I love the picture of your golden laying on the bathroom floor! Our Josie used to do that to, with her back against the cool porcelain tub! (gosh I miss her) You all have a great day and give those animals all a hug for me.


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