Friday, July 15, 2011

Look at Your Own Risk

Okay, I need to tell you all up front I had another back injection today, and this was the first one that was truly painful.  It pretty much sapped the heck from me, and I spent the day in bed with Hannah, while Keith, God bless him, checked on the animals and did the mid-day watering in the heat.  I was still pretty worn out when the grandkids got here tonight, the two oldest are going to help us over the weekend.  I am treating them to Harry Potter tomorrow in grateful thanks.  (But Chris is earning money by working hard!)

So Sherie, their mom, my ex-daughter in law, dropped them off after work, and stayed to have some dinner.  She then went out with me to pull the very heavy hose to help me do the evening watering, and I was so very grateful to her.  I pretty much directed while she did most of it, and I can't thank her enough.  She also took our zucchini home to make several loaves of zucchini bread tomorrow, and will give me one when she gets the boys on Sunday morning.  Chris is out cutting grass which I usually do on Friday night, and Nathan is in here with me, but going to collect the rest of the eggs when we go out soon.

Sherie took this in the little henyard.  Please excuse the chore clothes and my appearance, as I was in bed most of the day. This is such a funny picture that I had to post it.  Sherie was shocked when the little cockerel flew at us, and she frankly was ready to run.  Then she DID run up to the house to get the camera, laughing as she went.  She thought it was very funny, and as soon as she said "Maybe you could teach him to talk"... he began making chirping noises. 

Addendum:  I tried to upload the video for over an hour, and it would not.

I am going to show you a picture of what was happening while we filmed.  I'll try again tomorrow to upload the video, but I think the new camera may not be the right kind of videos that Blogger will accept.
I look lovely slouched in my dirty old chair with my chore clothes on, but in truth, Sherie did all the chores.
This little cockerel that I STILL haven't named regularly flies up on me now to get his evening treat.


  1. You have an abundance of patience. Hope your back is better. Mary G.

  2. I know how bad a back, can be. So get well soon, and dont do what you dont have too!!

  3. So sorry about your back, but glad you have good help.

  4. Hope you are feeling better today. It is good the you have so much help.
    We all have work clothes so don't worry about, you look fine. Truth be told---I would have RAN!!!!!!

    Have a good Sunday.


  5. You look a whole lot better than I do when I bumming it at home...

    No pictures would be allowed of me then.

    Get to feeling better.

  6. makasih gan buat infonya dan salam sukses

  7. terimakasih mas infonya dan semoga bermanfaat


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