Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wild Kingdom

Friends, I am hurrying to do a post before the computer crashes again. 

I have NO CLUE what's happening, it literally turned black 
yesterday afternoon as Keith and I sat here talking, and 
then came back up with the screen stretcheeeeddddd out.  
I have finally gotten it back to normal, but I suspect it 
needs work.  My firewall finds no virus. 

Anyway, we're going to try it! 

Yesterday morning, I saw this guy far in the distance, in the pasture. 
Remember, it is so dry here now that clouds of dust cover every car, and 
hang in the air.  It even gets IN the car and gets on my tongue, UGH... so 
I don't blame the birds for staying away from the roadside. 

This was on the way to the old place. 

Different birds, same road, other side. 

Also far away. 

This was under the bird, and I've never seen it before... it's a stile! 

I saw this girl, and another, on the way, too. 

This cracked me up... when I came back, the hawk I had taken from the 
front was on the same pole, and had turned his back to look the other way. 

I am seeing hawks everywhere I look now. 

Our beautiful girl in the sunlight.  We are having wonderful weather this week, 
true fall weather. 

Here's our friend again! 

We saw yet another mighty hunter on the way home that day! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ending the Old Week with a Bang!

33 years before we see the likes of this again.  I was not going to miss any of it. 

The little boys had a game tonight, and we were all at the baseball field when the moon rose, beautiful, between the trees. 

The game was nearly over, so Keith and I left.  I sat on the new deck off and on, 
while he went down to start dialysis.  I could hear our neighbors all around me at first in the dark, but by 10:30, lights were out and no one was talking. 

It was just a remarkable sight, one I am so glad I saw. 

It was thrilling.

Are any of you familiar with the Puccini opera "Turandot"? 
The strains of "Perche 
Tarda la Luna" went through my mind all evening. 

(sorry for the blur) 

It began to return. 

Then it was almost there! 

"Vieni, faccia pallida!" 

(Come, pale face!) 

It was truly remarkable. 

To me, it isn't Jax's ball playing prowess that's important. 

It's seeing the fun that he and his friends have playing the game. 

Yes, grandma's hands weren't very steady last night. 

He runs like this all the time... the tongue helps. 

This got my week off to a great start this morning!  

Yes, one is bigger than the other (and looks like he is doing some scouring) but they both appear to be healthy enough, and thriving.  

A good start to another week. 

Aaron Tveit - Elsie Fest - Why God Why

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Quiet Weekend

Well, it started out in a rush. 

Today was cleanup day at the National Agricultural Center.

Buildings were cleaned and spiffed up. 
Gardening was done. 
Decorating was done. 

Here's our hard-working volunteer coordinator, Marsha, finishing up decorating 
the sign at the crossroads (I'm the only one that calls it the crossroads!) 

The back of the sign is just painted red, and with the two tall bundles of corn stalks, 
will make a wonderful background for pictures for the fall weddings coming in. 

A group of scouts and their moms and dads helped weed several 
flower beds that needed it badly, and provided the oomph and scout knots to get those 
stalks solidly on the sign! 

They also were kind enough to take our two flags that were shredded in a storm 3 weeks ago, to dispose of respectfully and properly. 

Thanks, Scouts! 

We also had representatives both male and female from a local high school who 
worked all day at different projects.  I did not get their pictures, I wish I had. 

Thanks, Piper High School Key Club. 

Several members of the Board of Governors also came and 
helped out.  

As you see, the day was beautiful but it did get fairly warm, too. 

Our beautiful Smith farm house is decorated for the season.  We have to replace some 
porch floorboards, so we are directing people to the side door. 

This fawn was calmly eating as the dogs and I came home from the old place.  We only went once today, as I had to be at the Ag Hall at 9 this morning. 

It did raise it's head to look at me, as I stopped to take it's picture. 
This was the same yard where I saw the three last night. 

So, I went about 50 feet farther along the road... 

And look whom I saw in my favorite drive!  

They had a little friend, do you see him on the left? 

I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Puzzlement and Some Other Pictures

Three nights ago, I was on the way home from the old place and saw this... 
I was alone for some reason, no dogs with me. 

I have shown you the herd in this pasture many, many times, they are the 
angus herd with one black baldie and one white cow, and their calves, that always 
stand in the shrinking pond. 

This was a BRAND NEW CALF.  No cow in sight. 

I rolled the window down and called to it, and it mooed to me and came towards the fence.  It's navel was still wet, and still, no cow in sight. 
I worried for two days. 

It had looked over it's shoulder (and I had seen the herd moving over the hill, away from the pond).  It was clear by the road. 

I could not go by there the next day, because I was so afraid it would be dead.  There is a huge bull in with those cows... I was not going to try to find mom. 

I steeled myself last night. 

Do you see what I see? 

Two little bundles of Joy. 

However, I went by there tonight... 

And I saw only one tiny baby alone in the grass, no nursemaid around him. 

I could not see another baby by a cow as the herd was grazing, but that doesn't mean he wasn't there. 

This one got up... I think it's he from the other day.  

Of course, I'm worried again. 

This beautiful weed is Johnson Grass, the bane of bean and corn fields. 

Thank you, Dawn. 

This beautiful bird, by consensus (thank you Michelle, Farm Buddy, and Friend Jill) is a Northern Harrier.  I honestly was stunned!  It was a beautiful bird, and I hope, hope,  hope I see it again!  I agree with this because here is a picture from the net: 


I saw these girls the same night I saw the calf.  They were in one of my favorite drives... 

Is that neat or what?  It makes you want to go down the drive.  That's a martin house in the distance.  

They were there tonight, too.  Number three was across the drive. 

Today, I had to attend the county commission meeting again. 
Afterwards, I went to a cool new shop in Leavenworth where I have been trying to go for several weeks. 

Sunflower Sisters Vintage is in a beautiful old building in Leavenworth. They share it with a 
plumbing parts company... and it is full of antiques and hand-crafted items. 

Here is a beautiful hand-crafted frame. 

Here is a more masculine version. 

My purchase consisted of a lovely old low table to use as a plant stand... and two 
handcrafted pieces of jewelry.  

26.00 total.  

The jewelry was wrapped and put in an old Simplicity pattern envelope. 

I'm going back! 

Sunflower Sisters is on Facebook. 

Look whom I caught at the old house tonight! 
The Bluebirds of Happiness! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So Much to Talk About

First, a review. 


When Keith went to the hospital two weeks ago, he had to go back his first night home by ambulance. 

The ambulance and firetruck drivers had a terrible time finding our house in the dark. 
The ambulance left, and I was getting together things to go to the hospital, when the 
doorbell rang.  It was one of the firemen, and he gave me an order form for a yard sign that glows in the dark, so they can find our house easily at night. 

Keith ordered one.  When I went to pick it up today (I'll show it to you as soon as it is mounted in the yard), I saw this great little Chicken house. 

The other side. 

From the rear.  There are, sadly, no longer chickens in residence.  I wish I could just pick it up and bring it HERE. 

The top of the pen did not have a cover, but had slats across it, to prevent critters from coming in. 

Like I said, if I could pick it up! 

Here were the little red hens and Silver in the henspa this morning. 

They are looking... okay, not great.  Well, Silver looks great. 

They are eating that yard down very fast. 

This is a Sharp Shinned Hawk from All About Birds. 

This is a Coopers Hawk, from All About Birds. 

What is this?  
He was hunting five to six feet off the ground yesterday, swooping down in the pasture, a long way from me. 

See his wings? 

Note the back. 

He dove at several things in the grass. 

There's a little clearer picture.  What does everyone think?  Coopers? 

Could be a dark red tail, but I have never seen one hunt five or six feet off the ground. 

Friend Jill? 

His back. 

I leave it to you. 

This morning's beautiful sunrise over the ripening bean fields. 

I am staying far, far to the right these days.  The grain trucks are rumbling everywhere, and if it isn't grain, it's hay on the move. 

Yesterday morning, we visited Troy's pond for a bit.  It has an algae bloom on it. 

Lil took off at a gallop for the woods. 

While Jester ran around and around the pond, chasing frogs. 

I have NEVER seen him go in this far.  

He finally came over and flopped in the water in front of me, also the first time he has ever done it!  

He earned his rest!