Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Llama Air Conditioning

I thought everyone would enjoy seeing how the llamas cool off in the evening.  Inca stands or lays in her pool, and the others lay right next to it.  The ground around it is damp and cool, and is shaded most of the afternoon.  Where the pool is poured out, the ground is pretty wet.  I also wet down around the tank, which is behind me in this photo, in a corner under the walnut tree.  The hens and Aztec like to lay next to the tank which stays pretty cool.  I am still surprised that Aztec doesn’t follow her mom’s actions and get into the pool herself.  Tony actually looked as if he were going to step in tonight, but instead, kushed right up against it.  If you enlargen the photo, you will see his wool on his neck is hanging in the water.  I filled the pool so full, I think Inca hesitated to lay down, so I bucketed out part of it. 
This post is done with Windows Live Writer.  You can set up your blog in it, and VERY EASILY include pictures.  I am also going to try a video and see if I can get one to load this way.  I am not sure how big these pictures are going to be on the blog when they arrive.  I thought I would give it a shot, as I can load pictures from the camera very easily into Windows Live Photo Gallery, and hence, to the blog. 
For those of you who commented on Teeny’s babies last night, my grateful thanks.  The three little ones are doing well, and Matt… Teeny abandoned the fourth egg, which DID feel heavy.  It was stone cold by the time I got home, so I took it out of the cage. 
Tonight I cut the grass weeds in the little henyard.  Because I let them get tall, the birds have some shade during these hot days, but it also makes it hard to keep track of them.  As you know, the juveniles have been roosting in the maple tree that has been growing in the middle of the yard for the last four years.  We have deliberately let it grow, to provide shade.  I went about my business filling water bowls, etc., and then went inside to fill Teeny’s waterer and the main waterer.  I am not sure why, but I stepped into the closet and discovered the half-eaten carcass of a bird  I went to get a shovel to get it out… and discovered it was one of the 5 month old Ameracauna pullets.  I had hoped these pretty birds would join with the Rocks and the Welsummers to be my big egg layers.  All that was left of her was part of the torso and the wings.  No head, no legs and rear.  I suspect raccoon, not possum, as they will take heads and nothing else.  I had found a pile of feathers by the fence, and for a while, thought it was one of the old roosters, but if there is one thing I have learned IT’S NEVER AN OLD ROOSTER.  Always a hen in lay or pullet.  Several of the pullets had chosen to roost in their little pen last night, and I suspect now I know why.  We caught them, Keith and I, and imprisoned them in their pen, and believe me, they were upset.  Several flew at the tarps on top to try to get out.  I hope I have not made them sitting ducks for the coon, and may go out there in a while to check.  My guess, though, is he is striking just before dawn.  I thought it odd, though, that it had gotten the pullet out of the tree, and taken it INSIDE to eat it… but the poor bird have have run up the open ramp into the pophole in desperation. 
I may be investing in a night cam from Cabelas just to see.


  1. Get a live trap and bait it in the evening. I'm sure you'll catch your killer(s)...

  2. That top photo of your llama standing in the kiddy-pool made me laugh out loud! That's hilarious!

    So sorry about your chicken marauder - that is scary and yucky and unsettling. If I lived closer, I'd totally camp out with you in the dark waiting for the bugger. We could set up camp chairs and have our big ol' 5 battery flashlights in hand and wait for the bugger. (Though what we'd do once it showed up, well, I haven't gotten to that part yet. lol)

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