Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Sun is Back for a Few Days

Last week was brutal here... honestly, I was worn out.  I double-layer everything... socks, pants (long johns under), shirt under a sweatshirt or sweater, and more importantly, double gloves.  I still have to come in every ten minutes to warm my hands up, because my fingers turn red and freeze.  It makes doing chores very slow, and water... we don't even want to talk about it.  The only blessing is that on the bitter nights, the raccoons and possums do not come out, and I can leave the dry cat food out for the feral cats.  

I bought myself a balaclava (FINALLY) and thank heavens, because it protected me in the wind. 

                                                             Yep, it's me under there. 

I had to question my sanity on Wednesday, it was so darn cold. 

Quick, someone tell me how cute this guy is. 

Would YOU want to meet him on your porch?  I don't want Zoey to.  
Come to think of it, that looks like a female. 

Last year there was a stubby-tailed raccoon, and I think it must be her. 

I have been spending a lot of time at home, and these guys are such good companions.  Zoey is going today, Tuesday, for her bath and grooming session.  

Egg production continues to be stellar, considering I have only seven young birds, and 
about nine old hens left.  

I still have the best time watching the wild birds eat, but wow... their feed is going 
sky high.  On sunny days like today (the eighth) I do not put as much feed out. 

I'm seriously considering blocking the larger hole in the back wall of the shop, so that the 
possums and raccoons cannot get in and out all night.  I have big plans for next year, 
there is a wood-burning stove in there that has not been used since Keith died. 
I had my good neighbor, Troy, a volunteer fireman for years, come over and look at it the other day. 
He told me that if I have it serviced, cleaned and the stack repaired by a local company he suggested, 
I should be able to use that stove next winter to burn wood for the ferals. 
It would keep the whole building warmer, instead of a small electric heater. 

If you look in the background, you will see that Coco is laying sound alseep in bed, not bothered by the possum.  That is the chick light over her, and the light on the left of the possum is the electric heater.  It cycles off about 4 AM. 

The cats made it through the week last week, but I hope we don't have to go through it next year, too. 

I let the hens out in the yard by the house when I am here in late afternoon.  I have to watch them, because if I let Zoey loose, she 
runs right over to the "chicken side" and then it takes me forever to catch her.  (too much good stuff to smell!)
This young girl was dustbathing after the snow melted. 

And these guys were having a nosh at the foot of the maple tree. 

Wanda went to sleep right under the overhang of the deck, and ignored me as I went back and forth across the patio... it was sunny and warm there. 

This was in the sky above me one evening. 

Two old hens getting ready to hunker down for a dust bath.  Ameracauna on the left, 
and cochin on the right, both old girls.  

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