Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another Baking Day

Folks, we're trying to be brave about this, but it was another blistering day here in Kansas.  Even the frozen jugs are not helping, they melt within an hour, it seems.  Dawn was warm, but about 2:30 PM a breeze came up for a while and lessened the animal's suffering.  Friend Jill tells me that her parent's neighbors (farming people) have already lost 10-12 cattle in the heat. 

The clouds are a tease.
Tonight there are some intermittent pop-up storms up in northwest Missouri, above us.
Tomorrow, there is a 40% chance of rain here.
I'll believe it when I see it.
I'm ready to do the rain dance.

These girls are sick of being in all the time, too.  It's dangerous for pugs to go out in the heat and humidity, because of their "smooshed-in" brachycephalic muzzles. 
These two youngest of our dogs are raring to go when we get home in the evening, because they spend their days like this.
Lilly Ann is the only one who ventures out for long in this heat.

This guy is getting along so far, after the scare two weeks ago.  I am watching him carefully. 
I ran water in Inca's pool quite deeply today, good, cold well water.  This afternoon she laid in the pool a long time, and gave herself a good soaking.  I am very surprised that Aztec has not followed her mom's example and begun laying in the pool, but I am still hoping she will.
I went to church this afternoon at 5 so I can get up in the morning a little later, but get some outside chores done before the heat of the day hits.  This morning I made cookies for the grands and took them to them, then ran back downtown to get gyros for Keith and me for lunch.  We have a sentimental liking for gyros, of all things.... we ate them at a favorite restaurant in Illinois when Keith was finishing his Army career.
They were so good, and satisfied us, so that we did not have to cook tonight.  I do have a nice dinner planned for tomorrow, minute steaks, fresh corn, potatos from our garden, and nice rolls. 
Keep cool!


  1. I wish you could get some relief there. From the title of your post I thought you were actually baking in the kitchen today. My girls keep asking and I keep saying no to turning the oven on. The only thing saving us on the acreage is the breeze. We are on a small hill.

  2. That's a good sounding dinner. I like gyro's too.


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