Thursday, July 28, 2011


If you click on this photo to enlargen it you will see that your stupid half-blind blogger
drove into a roll of fencing wire that has been laying there for a year and a half like she didn't know it was there.
Remember, her husband was a soldier for 24 years.

Need I tell you that the air got pretty blue?


Bolt cutters in hand, my hero got my beloved mower loose. 

 I took a picture of some wildflowers in the fence row as I went by:

And this little girl was glad to see her mommy come in the door when I got finished!
A little while later, she wanted to go out, Keith was still outside.  As I let her out, she began barking wildly.  Soon, Keith came in to bring her to me... he got worried when she ran at the fence... coyotes were in our neighbor Troy's back yard, and yipping wildly (he has a park-like backyard of ten acres with a pond) --- Gertie heard them and ran at the fence and Keith was afraid she would slip through.  She truly IS the bravest little dog!


  1. Oh dear! That looks like something I would do!

  2. I'm glad he got her back in before the coyotes could get her.

    1st I don't mow, but if I did, I'm sure I would do more damage than that

    if it were up to me to mow, I would round-up the yard

  3. Yikes! I'm glad he was able to get it loose and there was no damage to your mower. I usually mow-with a walk behind, but right now I have a teenage son desperate to make money. So we pay him to mow.(We'd be forking over the money anyway, but this way we get some work out of him!) He also does the trim with the string trimmer. I still do all the other yard work including tilling my garden. Hopefully, Don will bring us some desperately needed rain or a fall garden will be useless.

  4. You are not supposed to mow over fencing. :)

    Glad the little Miss is ok.

    Check your e-mail.



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