Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Hot One

Whew!  Hot here today!  Even hotter tomorrow and Monday, from what the weatherlady says.

We did get some things done in the yard/garden, but then came in to rest a while before driving down to the stadium for the TBones game tonight.  There is a brand new soccer stadium just across the street from it now, and they had a game starting at six, so we expect a big crowd and parking problems, so are leaving shortly. 
I thought you would enjoy seeing some pictures taken these last two days... and by the way, the big walnut tree is REALLY dropping leaves now... we have had rain, so we are not sure what is going on.

Double ditch-lillies at the back door... my only patch in the yard!
Here is Teeny, in the nursing cage. She is one of our own bred chickens, and is actually five years old this summer. She may weigh a pound on a wet day.  She has fiercely decided that this late in life she is going to be a mother.  She hunkered down over four small eggs in the big henyard, under some weeds.  We finally decided if she wanted to hatch chicks that badly, she could.  She is in the nursing cage until we see whether the chicks are viable (or are even going to hatch).
These two Ameracauna girls voted with their feet this week and escaped from the little henhouse to return to the juvenile pen. Their sister in the little henyard couldn't find her way out, and is a loner.  I'm going to give in and put her with these this weekend. Pretty soon they will be way too big for this little hutch and pen.

These two little cochins ventured out for the first time today when I left the gate of the juvenile pen open for a while as I watered in the heat of the afternoon.  I was surprised the others did not want to come out.... but pretty soon saw that One and Two, two of the small roosters, had gone into the pen to check out the pullets.
When I came back over to the big henyard from the little, they ran like they were in trouble!

Here is Inca, waiting patiently for me to finish refreshing the water in her swimming pool, which she uses regularly!
Farmer Keith, waiting for me to finish the watering so we could go in and collapse in the air-conditioning. He had just finished painting the deck and sides of the new henhouse.  After the second coat tomorrow, he is ready to build upwards.  It's going to be blistering hot for a few days, though.  I am hoping I don't lose any more birds in the heat.
Taking my new Nikon Coolpix camera to the game tonight to see how it does under the lights of the ballpark.
Results tomorrow!


  1. Yes, they are all from my garden! We're so lucky! Unfortunately we had an incredibly dry spring so we don't have near as many fruits and veggies as we're supposed to...
    I'm glad you're still reading. Thanks :)

  2. Love that setting hen! We`ve had a ton of chicks hatched out this year and I never get tired of seeing the peeps out with thier ma`s!

  3. Hot here too! Hope you caught some good photos at the game to share ; )

  4. You have a llama! Oh, I miss my Charlie so much.

    I take it your juvenile chickens have their own pen with access to the adults? How is this working for you? Dan and I were talking about doing that next year, to try to incorporate some new chickens to the established flock. None of mine seem to have any interest in going broody. I envy you your setting hen!

  5. I hope he works very early in the AM and late in the PM when the sunny is not at it's hottest.


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