Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Helllppppp! (And Pictures)

I was told about two hours ago by a dear friend that 
Blogger had changed.  I had not realized it. 

I just went in to change my header picture, and I can't figure out 
how to do it now! 


If anyone of you has done so recently, will you give me some tips 
on where to find the option to remove the hummingbird picture and replace it? 


I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted last... I am going to try to improve on that. 
There has just been so much to do in these last six weeks. 

I was at the Ag yesterday decorating for Christmas with Judy, 
the general factotum. 

This little guy was watching us while we decorated the train depot. 

Here is a better picture of him taken today: 

He watched ME quizzically as I watched him.  I had tossed a few tiny 
pumpkins his way, I'll see if they are still there tomorrow. 

Either there is a front door and back door, or there are two. 

I am PRAYING they don't kill them, you know me. 

He/they is/are under the blacksmith shop. 

Just thought this was neat. 

There they go. 

Yesterday, they were on the pond. 

And so was a lone mallard drake.  I have been expecting ducks for weeks, but have seen very few. 

Oddly, I saw what appeared to be a vulture on Sunday, weeks after the vultures had left. 

I think maybe I was seeing things, and it was a redtail up high. 

This, my friends, is my totally worn out Canon 
I literally wore it out over the last 4 years!  
As you see, it is stuck open, and you can see the chrome is 
worn from being pulled in and out of my pocket over and over. 

It was very, very sturdy.  

There is still color at Basehor City Park, and we have had some wonderful walks lately. 
The temps are plunging tonight. 

All the pee mail.  All. The. Pee. Mail. 

There is a Wiener Patrol at the park. 
Every day, at the fence, barking. 
Jester would play if he could. 

There are three. 

Something caught her interest along the creek top. 

Color on the ground, too. 

Our best girl, Lilly Ann!  

Monday, November 21, 2016

For the Last Week

Our new kitty, Sister, has come up out of the basement and joined the family. 
We all sit together in the evening and watch tv... and Sister sleeps at 
the foot of my bed.  Jester sleeps next to me... Bed Hog.... and Lilly sleeps in the 
doorway until early in the morning and then jumps up with the rest of us. 

This cat has brought so much happiness into my life, Keith loved cats, and he would have 
loved Sister.  I found her, you remember, at the hospital parking lot during his last stay. 
Friend Jill is convinced she is his spirit animal. 

I am not so sure she is not. 

I am seeing this redtail regularly now at 155th and Fairmount.... it is a very dangerous road to stop on, so I have to hurry when I snap a picture of it. 

Here is one of my favorite shots, taken on the 12th... Stranger Creek at the bluffs on Leavenworth Road.  I stopped on the way to church that night.  I'll have another shot of this later. 

I took this on the way home that night, it was so beautiful... the supermoon rising.  See the hawk on the pole on the right? 

Here is what was interesting... I was standing under another hawk, taking the pictures.  Usually, they do not hunt so closely. 

This makes me laugh every time I drive by.  You see, the deer was the very first thing in the tree, why, oh, why did I not get a picture of it?  These folks decorate every year, they bring a cherry picker in to do the top of the tree.  The deer now has a red glowing nose on him, they are very creative. 

The begonia is still blooming in the window of the tv room. 

I have visitors on the back deck again, and have been enjoying watching them. 

Now, here is the same scene I showed you above of Stranger Creek. 
I took this Saturday afternoon on my way to church. 

The chair was over to the left in this picture.  I saw no one around... and no cars around.  
I don't like to be in a place where someone can sneak up on me, so.. I got back in the car and left. 

Interesting, it might be a photographer who is being patient to get his shots. 

This was the park Saturday afternoon... today was a much gloomier picture, we have heavy clouds and expect rain tomorrow.  We need it! 

This is gomphrena at the Ag Hall.  They kindly agreed to let me get some seeds today, so I am going to plant some next year.  I think this is Strawberry Fields, but I am not sure. 

White gomphrena.  I got some seeds of this, too. 

Our girl Lil has found a place where something is living below ground, and she heads there everytime we go out the front door. 

Jester was with us too, we were on our way to the park. 

Tomorrow, we go see Dr. Tom for a pawdicure.  I suspect we are not going to get our walk 
at the park because of rain. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Enjoying the Fall

My buddy, Jester. 

I am so lucky to have this little guy! 

Momma has no where to sit. 

Sister has come up from her hiding places in the basement. 

She is joining the family. 

You all must think I never clean the house! 

Lilly is very studiously ignoring her in the above picture... but... she has 
accepted her being here, and Sis comes and goes. 
I am afraid to let her outside, though, I admit it. 

She is an indoor kitty. 

We have done a lot of walking this week, in the wonderful weather. 

The trees are putting on the last of this season's finery. 

I moved the begonias indoors from the front porch, because we 
dove down to the thirties for two nights. 

And we had a prelude of tonight's supermoon. 

To think we won't be here to see the next one! 

Very important we check out the pee mail at the park! 

My plucky old Lil. 

And our sweet Jes! 

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Country Livin'

Last weekend, I was asked to accompany a friend down to 
the country, about 60 miles from home. 

It was a gorgeous Autumn day, and I decided that it 
would be good for me to get away from my worries for a few hours. 

There were so many things to see! 

This flock of turkeys just kept coming and coming out of the high grass, down to the little pond. 

I am not seeing turkeys up here right now, so it was exciting to see them. 

Yes, it was a cloudy day, and I didn't realize I had my camera "eye" closed so far. 

There were some gorgeous old barns. 

Still standing 100 years later. 

Though overgrown around the foundation, this one is still usable with some cleaning up. 

Though the lean-to at the back has seen better days. 

There were game trails all through the woods, and so much flora to see and photograph. 



(Ashamed of myself, I had to ask) 

Darnit, it's so pretty here's a second picture. 

Here is Friend Jill standing in front of what is probably one of the largest cottonwoods in the State of Kansas.  The trunk was unbelievable. 

And yes, it's still alive. 

It stands near this unused railway station... I would love to have this building, just sayin'. 

And near a yard where the state honors the largest Bur Oak in the state... look at the age in 2006! 

Notice the morning glories and petunias... flowers are still blooming here, and I have iris blooming in the garden. 

What a mild fall we have had. 

I have stopped cutting grass... oh, it could use one more, I think, but I am 
not giving in.  It's November, whether Mother Nature agrees or not. 

I will try to get caught up with everyone's blogs this week. 

Thank you again, friends, for all your wonderful expressions of sympathy.