Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Llamas at Dawn

Frost on their backs at feeding time... it's cold here in Kansas in November already... what does this mean for the winter?

A Rather Rotund Mini

Lilly, helping herself to a pile of hay in the yard. They've been in it two days, and seem to have no intention of going back to the pasture!

Daddy's Chair

And look who is in it while Daddy's out of town!

A Put Out Llama

Sunday night, I put the horses in the yard for the first time in two months. The llamas lined up at the fence, mad because they couldn't come in too. If we could herd them, we would let them... but believe me, horses are more biddable! Llamas will attack dogs, and we would not risk our yard and house babies to their wrath! Inca let me know her displeasure at not being able to join her horse buddies!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday, My Dear Little Boy

39 years old today, the little boy that was the light of my life is a grown man with prematurely gray hair. A hard worker, he has never married and lives a life of solitude with a small group of friends and minds his own business. Independent from an early age, he never lost his house keys and rarely needed help. His grandma had to beg him to get his "little men" off the floor so she could vacuum...how he loved Star Wars and all his little "people", playing for hours quietly. Even today they continue to fascinate him. He drank coffee at the kitchen table with his grandma while still in grade school, and graduated from high school and made his mother proud. Though he didn't finish college, he has worked hard, paid his taxes and taken care of himself for 20 years, and you just can't ask much more than that. I miss him but know he is self-sufficient and a real man.

Happy birthday, Jeff... I hope you read this today!