Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Day after the Storm

We had a real gully-washer here last night, after 3 days of intense heat and humidity.  I was dreading today, I thought the humidity would be overpowering, but we barely reached 98 degrees.  In fact, when I got in my car, it was 20 degrees LESS than yesterday afternoon... 109 yesterday, 89 today!  Parts of the metro area received damage from high winds, and 30,000 folks suffered without their electricity on last night and most of today. 

Here is what the skies looked like as the storm came up at 7:45.  Before that, it had been mostly sunny, then boom!

Within 15 more minutes, I was asking Keith to help me get the birds in.

But it ended, as rain does.  Here's what I had this afternoon while watering:
Butch, this morning, as I left for work.  As always, click to make bigger.


  1. We've had several good rains in a row now. Instead of parched ground I need to get the roundup out again.

  2. So glad you got some rain, Mary Ann!
    Butch looks like he is raring and ready to crow!

  3. That was some strorm we had. Big mean looking clouds and then the rain, thunder and lighting.
    It was so windy that the wind was pushing the rain UP the street. Don't see that too often.
    Gals you weathered the storm. No pun intended.:)



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