Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Trip Story

There are some nights that you just can't get to the computer, and last night was one of them.  I know you all have them, I've seen your places, large and small, and know the work that goes into keeping them running.  Some days I just can't get to the computer before it's time to fall into bed.

Here are some more pictures from our trip on Monday:

Here is "Big Oak", carved out of a .....BIG OAK.... by sculptor Peter Toth.  He is standing in front of the
Doniphan County Courthouse in Troy, Kansas.
Here he is up close and personal:

The courthouse behind him is very beautfiul and old, but I wonder how the judges in their cramped courtrooms and the clerks in their small offices feel about the beauty of it all.

Beautiful rolling glacial hills of northeast Kansas.

St. Benedict's Abby, on the grounds of Benedictine College in Atchison.

I could tell you this is the sunset of a beautiful day, but it's actually facing east, and is yesterday morning's sunRISE!

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