Sunday, February 26, 2017

Catching Up at the End of the Month

I am trying to type this as I listen to the Oscar's Red Carpet. 

You know you are old when you only recognize about a third of the 
people walking. 

Honestly, who ARE all these people? 

I told you I was going to start posting more often, 
but instead, I have posted less in the last two weeks.  I am sorry for that, I truly enjoy posting, but I am also struggling with the things that have to be accomplished after losing 
Keith.  Some are not pleasant, and that's all I'll say. 

I have had a few chances to take pictures. 

Oddly, I have two cameras over at the Ag, but am not getting much on them. 
I don't know if I have simply forgotten how to run the darn things, or what! 

I'll sit down tomorrow when I am there, and see if I can figure it out. 
I'm no longer putting all the pictures willy-nilly into the computer, I 
actually sit and look at them on the card, before I import.  Saves a LOT of 
space on the hard drive.  This raccoon was in the woods. 

Yep, I'm still going daily to take care of my friends at the Ag. 

I was absolutely blessed on Thursday, because Lee, who will be leaving 
the Ag at the end of this week, and my grandson, Chris, cleaned the 
entire henhouse for me!  Woo hoo!

Then they bedded the whole thing down with wonderful sweet-smelling fresh straw.  

I am still wearing my splint on my broken wrist, and see the doctor on 
Wednesday of NEXT week to make sure it has healed.  I still go to 
therapy, too, for another week. 

Gosh, I love birds, and I really love crows! 

I'm always glad when I get a good look at one! 

This red-winged blackbird was on the back deck this morning.  I know spring is coming, when the red-wings come back. 

I have taken the suet hanger off the deck, the starlings... ugh.   A mess! 

I am slowing down the feeding, it makes such a mess. 

We walked the dogs at Angel Falls on Thursday afternoon. 

Our temperatures veered from 80 to 39 in two days. 

These happy, golden moments.  

Jaxton's third grade class had their spring program on Thursday night.  It was a patriotic program, and one of his classmates designed the "Of Thee I Sing" tee shirts that the kids wore. 

They closed with "Taps"... sung... and grandma couldn't help it, I cried through the whole thing. 

I went to church Saturday afternoon, since I took Chris home to Garnett on Friday. 
I came across these two red-shouldered hawks... one could have been last year's chick. 
I had the smaller Canon camera with me, got out of the car, and gave it a shot. 
I should explain... I can't really SEE through the site of this camera, I have to 
guess, usually.  I was stunned that the pictures came out well. 

I looked for them again today, but did not see them. 

You can see the red belly on this red-bellied woodpecker on the deck, though. 

And this little guy with his nut. 

I'm watching this every few days now, to see when this year's 
clutch will be laid. 

I will TRY to post more often... life keeps intervening. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Walkin' in the Woods

The last two days, we have had 60 degree temps here in Kansas. 

I took the dogs to the Ag. 

For those of you who are new readers, I am a volunteer at the 

commonly called here in our area: "The Ag Hall", 
but those of us who volunteer there,  "The Ag".

I go daily to take care of the chicken flock there. 

As you see, I can let Jester off the leash, because he minds perfectly. 

He was wearing himself out yesterday, he runs about three times 
what Lilly and I walk. 

Even he gets pooped. 

And speaking of poop, I clean it up, just like the park. 

The Ag has a wonderful wooded area.  There was a nature trail 
through there 40 years ago, and last summer, Cabelas kindly donated 
money and persons to work on re-establishing a nature trail again. 
The woods are full of poison ivy in summer. 

Notice Lilly is on the leash, the long leash... but, I don't trust 
her to come back when she gets excited. 

There is a trail, as you can see. 

We followed the trail, because I had never been back in there except once, 
a very short way in. 

There are some beautiful large trees. 

We came out of the treeline and started towards the barn.  Those poles you see are the pole farm for Kansas City Power and Light, who has an international competition there every October. 
It is on Ag Land.  They keep it nice. 

We walked back to the event barn where Lilly had to have a good sniff at several holes. 

Today, I decided to take them back over.  We get tired of going to the park daily. 

I let Lil drag the leash, but watched her like a hawk. 

Look at all the fungi! 

Lilly was in her element. 

So was Jes, too, actually. 

My guess is in summer, this is bristling with poison ivy, but the trail as cut through right now is very broad and you would not brush the ivy unless you were trying. 

We went down a hill and over a small creek, which I think is probably roaring in rainy weather.  
It had a deep gully, but there was one spot to cross.  Down we went, and up the other side, but we could not figure out how to get through, so had to backtrack. 

I saw deer tracks everywhere. 

This structure is back there, and the education director told me it was put up 40 years ago when 
they were first cutting the trail through.  There is a trail over a gully that I think is safe to walk across (it has a culvert) but we have not tried it yet. 

More holes.  If you have a wild area/park, you have wild animals. 

Lilly had a blast smelling before she got in the car and collapsed.  

(laughing, but she was very tired). 

Both dogs took a good nap when we got home. 

I stopped to take some pictures on my way to church. 

On my way back, I stopped to take some pictures of four mallards on the pasture pond. 

And the gorgeous sunset! 

Everyone have a peaceful Sunday. 

(little ducks are on the right) 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Different Stuff

After literally a YEAR without seeing an owl... I was on my way to church 
last Sunday morning, and came across this guy, where I had seen owls several times before. 

Mass is at eight, I try to leave by seven so I can go up and down country roads, and it paid off. 

He/she is a beaut, huh? 

They. Are. So. Hard. To. Capture. 

I was telling Friend Jill at lunch today that I have three 
"pet" crows at the Ag.  As soon as they see me pull up, they fly from where ever they are. 
They wait until I put out a treat for them (Chicken Delight), and then come down to eat. 
They literally wait until I turn my back. 

I was waiting for one to turn into the sun today to get a good picture. 

I pay for all the feed at the Ag, both Chicken Delight and Protein pellets, so... I don't mind 
putting some out for the wildings.  

The other day, I was at Marshall's.  I found this little 
Le Creuset baking pan for 7.99.  If you know 
how much they retail for, you would realize this was a good deal. 

I needed it just for small dishes for myself. 

You can see it's perfect for two servings. 

This is what I fixed in it.  "Funeral Potatoes". 

Two weeks ago, I helped serve a funeral lunch at church. 
The lady cooking put a HUGE pan of whole canned potatoes... yes, I said
CANNED potatoes, in a big baking pan.  She poured melted butter over them, 
and then salted and peppered them. 

Then she sprinkled onion soup mix on them. 

This was covered, and baked at 350 for one hour. 

When she took it out, she sprinkled parsley over it, and then 
put cheese on top, sprinkling it across, then popped it back 
in the oven for five minutes, uncovered. 

Here is my horrid picture in bad lighting. 

My gosh, it was good.  

I used a cheese I got at Dillons, it is a Cheese with 
Parsley and Chives in it.  


I used one can of sliced white potatoes. 

Sister loves to lay in the deck door window in the morning, and watch Bird TV on the deck. 

Someone brought this to the same door, and wanted to bring it in. 

This would be the someone. 

I took the dogs to the Ag on Tuesday.  I can't let them loose to run while I do 
the chickens.  I can trust Jes, but not Lilly. 

This cracked me up as I finished spreading feed for the crows. 

He obviously didn't think it was that funny. 

We found a trail of feathers on the ground by the pond, that went back towards the railroad bridge. 

I took pictures there, which appeared to be where the kill was made. 

(they were too dark). 

Jester was having a BLAST off-leash. 
Remember, the Ag is closed this time of year, so there was 
no one there for him to bother, and I always carry plastic bags 
"just in case". 

He always goes to the edge of the pond, but rarely gets his 
feet wet.  Lilly, on the other hand, would wade right in. 

He finally wore himself out. 

Lilly was okay walking on her leash, it's a fairly long one.  
Sometimes I just can't get them to the park, so we substituted on Tuesday. 

I spent Wednesday in court.  About a year ago, Keith and I 
decided to sue a neighbor here, which we thought about 
before we did.  We had been bothered with him coming to the 
house repeated times, demanding that we move a 
discharge pipe from our sump pump in our back yard, 
that carried harmless water from our heater/air conditioner. 

It was finally rectified yesterday, to my satisfaction, at least, 
though I think Keith would have been mightily disappointed. 

It was the court's opinion that our pipe (MY pipe, now) is 
entirely legal, is separated from the property line by the 
correct distance, and is not causing him harm. 

He, on the other hand, is allowed to keep a dike he made, 
backing up water into a small pond on our land. 
I love the pond, so it was okay with me. 

No money will be exchanged, but 
our/my legal fees came to $9,000.00.  Yes, I said $9,000.00.

The important thing is that should I ever decide to move, 
this can be disclosed as a matter that has been resolved. 

I was able to sleep last night, for the first time 
in several nights because I confess to you, I am 
afraid of the man.  He intimidated me at 
our door four times, and finally, I got Keith out of 
his sick bed one day to deal with him, and he never 
came back after that.  He appeared to be belligerant in court, sitting with arms folded all day, and I was scared the whole time I was there.... not of the court, but of him. 

It took huge joy from our beautiful house, because to sit on 
the deck meant we look down on his house.  Keith only sat there 
maybe four times. 

I guess everyone is assuming where I am leading with this, 
but I am not there yet. 

I managed to get an Iphone cheaply from a family member, 
and I have been using it for pictures here and there. 
I took some of the pictures on this blog post with it. 

It has been two months today since I fell and broke my wrist. 
It is not only not healed, I have many more weeks of 
therapy and strengthening. 
I am trying very hard not to re-injure it. 

I leave you tonight with a short video from the Ag: 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Some More Cool Pictures!

I took them, but I still think they are cool. 

I also have a bunch of videos taken at the Ag. 

This is my dining room, today.  Do you see it?  One of the 
volunteer tomato plants from last summer is blooming!  

In fact, I am going to support it this afternoon. 

I can't believe it! 

The geranium is blooming, too. 

49 days or so from spring, I think. 


Hope this is the sweet one from last summer, I can't remember. 

Two days ago, I had to run something to Leavenworth, and took the dogs. 
We stopped here on the way back, it was 60 degrees. 

This trail is hidden behind St. Francis de Sales church in Lansing, 
Kansas.... it happened to be the feast day of St. Francis when we walked. 

It was good to visit the creek again. 

Though a little hot on the pavement. 

We are standing on the bridge here. 

Even though we have not had a lot of snow this summer, the creek is flowing well. 

Turn the sound up so you can hear the water falling. 

Elk cows, on our way home from the park the next day. 

She and the bunny are not afraid of the camera any more. 

I often see her going back and forth. 

And the other little creatures. 

Still seeing lots of geese on all the farm ponds. 

Look at the buds swelling on the Bartlett pear! 


Okay, I love just about any bird. 

The night of the 31st.  The next video actually showed two more does coming from the west side of the pond. 

There is our friend again. 

I have no clue why, but my camera has a rose cast to the pictures during the day, I have never had that
happen with a Moultrie before. 

I wrote them, they told me to ship it to them. 

Haven't done it yet.  Probably will. 

I have started spring house cleaning early, and I am in "getting rid of " and "donating" mode... I'm thinking lots of things are going to start moving out of here soon! 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!