Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Blast of Heat

Okay, even though the heat is not bothering me that much personally, it is getting VERY tiring, because it makes everything outside ten times worse.  We need weed-eating done, but right now, I am trying to put that on the low-priority list, because it is just too darn hot.  I have five gallon perennials left to plant, but I have not done them, either... .too hot.

So far, we have not lost any animals.

Nathan spent the weekend with Grandma, here he is cutting up in the car.  Kind of eerie to see how he will look as a young man!

Inca spent some quality time at the pool.
(Like an hour!)

Nate did some serious snacking and Nickolodean watching while I made pickles.
In the evening (and 104 degree heat) we went to the T Bones game, and saw members of the Kansas City A's be introduced to the crowd.  Right here there are still some empty seats... they soon filled up.  We sit eleven rows behind home plate, so there is usually a breeze.  The A's played at Municipal Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, and were the professional team here in the 50's and 60's.  Charlie Finley, their owner, brought the Beatles here in 1964, their first "stadium" date.  I read later that they could not believe he had offered them $25,000 for one date.  They played 33 minutes.  I WAS THERE IN THE 27TH ROW ON THE FIELD.  When they started "Kansas City" the crowd went wild, and a girl on the end of my row fainted right off her folding chair onto the ground. 
Yes, your blogger was a BEATLEMANIAC. 

We left at the bottom of the fourth as baseball is not Nate's thing, and I was fretting about getting my juveniles in.  We came home, did that, and were glad to get back in the air conditioning!

Today, Sunday, I had a visit from Melinda and Ken, Melinda of
Country Dreaming, 
but I am going to have to get someone at work to take a picture before I can do the post. My brand new Nikon camera appears to be broken, AND OF COURSE, I HAVE MANAGED TO LOSE THE RECEIPT.
I'll get a duplicate at Best Buy this week, and send the camera off to be fixed by Nikon.  In the meantime, Keith has my little Canon in Cancun with him to take pictures of his daughter's wedding tomorrow.  (After the ceremony, of course).  I may have to go get an inexpensive camera so I can keep track of what's going on in the furnace farm here.


  1. Ya'll sound like us...only one of us can be gone at a time.

    Glad you got to spend time with Nate. That picture is a hoot.

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  3. We'll try this again.
    Ken and I had a wonderful visit with you and the animals plus meeting Nate.
    Thanks for the scrapping goodies, the pickles and the Zuchs. Hope you were able to finish everything after we left.

    Take Care and keep cool.



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