Sunday, February 18, 2024

And It's Thirty Days to Spring!

Where do the days go?  I pledge to post more often, but it just does not happen. 

By evening, I am done.  I admit it.  

Changes here in the last month: 

Here's the big one!  After ten months without a dog, I adopted a nine year old chihuahua, whose parents had to go into nursing care.  He's a pistol, believe me! 

He is an eight pound wonder!  He spends quality time on my lap, and after two weeks, learned he could jump from the loveseat in my room onto my bed, and now is sleeping with me every night.  He does NOT like for the poor cats to cuddle closely, and does not like for them to be in my lap when he is there. 

He only has six teeth left. 

We are having a hard day today, as his stomach is upset.  

His name is Chico. 

Our big game day treat.  Last week, you know, was the Super Bowl.  I grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and now live in Leavenworth County (Kansas).  Yes, it's a big deal here and so much fun to see all the hoopla before the game. 
Sadly, it ended badly on Wednesday with a terrible shooting. 

It's time to get the guns off the streets


This is Sammie, my Salmon Faverolle hen. 
She has gone broody.  She should be hatching by Wednesday, unless I am off a few days.  She is safely in a brooder pen and there she will stay for a few weeks with her babies.  Then she will rejoin the flock and the babies will be under light for a few weeks.  I am in the process of getting the little red hen house doors fixed so that all the chicks coming can grow out in its confines and be safe.  (from predators).   Sammie had six eggs under her originally, but the last time I checked (as she squawked in indignation) she had two.  I think the other four were gathered up into her wings.  

I have a sick bird in the other brooder pen, but I checked on her a bit ago and she seems better, she may go back with her group tomorrow.  Then I'll set that pen up, too, to brood new chicks. 

On Thursday, a good friend took me out to Oskaloosa, about 25 miles from here. 
I had run into a man at the feed store the day before, and he had a very unusual chicken with him, on a leash, on his shoulder! 

I don't have permission to use his picture... but the following day, I went out to his farm and saw all of his unusual chickens.  I had already decided to let Sammie brood, and to buy ten replacement layers at the feed store.  Now I have ordered four of these above... Indio Gigante!  Those are birds in his pen, and believe me, they get TALL and long legged!  I wanted to see if I had pens secure enough to enclose them until they integrated with the flock... and I do.  That rooster (above left) is not as tall as they can be, but I just like the look of them, and they lay abundant eggs, too.  I am not a breeder, I'll leave that to someone else... but I do like unusual chickens.  He has another breed in which I am interested, but I will wait and see a few months before trying that one. 

A friend drinking out of the warm water bowl on the porch the other night. 

That's a big possum. 

I suspect the possum was at the back of the shop, because both Mama and Cleo were watching it. 

This week, on Valentines Day, parade day, it was 67 degrees. 

The following morning it was COLD. 
On Friday, we had snow.  It snowed all morning, and it was frigid out, 
but the snow stopped by noon and is almost gone now. 

I took this picture through the window of a Harris Sparrow, eating on the deck rail. 

And a crow, eating on the farthest feeder: 

There were lots of finches eating... I am pretty lavish with the mealworms and sunflower hearts. 

I am so grateful the snow was not long-lasting! 






Yes, the cats still live here, too! 

Here we come for one of many, many walks outside!  
He loves living in the country! 

Welcome, Little Chico.