Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Cosmic Secrecy of Seed

Marjorie Kinan Rawlings wrote of the cosmic secrecy of seed, and it's so true.  It's hard to equate the little tiny things in your hand with fresh tomatos in salad, or lettuce, or corn, or all the other good things that come from summer's bounty.  I am stunned at the beauty of the iris I just planted two weeks ago, now blooming in the new perennial bed.  Work still continues on it, and this weekend we bought more plants, still waiting to go in the ground.  Some, like the columbines, have already bloomed for the season, but we know in all their cosmic secrecy, those future blooms are hidden down in the plant ready to delight us in spring of 2011. 
Some, like the dicentra, will take hold and spread and delight for many years to come.  Who planted it and when will disappear into history, and some future owner of Calamity Acres will poke his wife with delight and say "Look at all the pretty flowers coming up!".  I hope the hard work we are doing now brings pleasure to those folks in the future who we hope will enjoy our humble home as much as we have.