Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Truth Will Out

I know you are all wondering why you are seeing pictures of the dogs walking at the parks daily now. 

Why there are so few pictures along the gravel roads. 

Here's one from this morning... at the bluffs on Stranger Creek.  You see they 
are turning red now in the fall. 

I took this on the way to church this morning, I leave early so I can go 
the slower way and take pictures. 

This rather disgruntled looking hawk was just around the corner from the house... and he looked thoroughly cold.  He was all fluffed and clinging tightly to the cross arm.  

It was in the forties this morning, and the high seventies, by evening! 

This guy was on a pole further down the road. 

And another flew away as soon as he saw me coming. 

Even though there isn't much color on the road sides.... there is still beauty. 

And today, for the very first time, I had a frisson of fear when I snapped these pictures of plants in an overgrown pasture... I had not realized there were two men talking at the top of the pasture, and they yelled something at me, after having (I think) come down the hill toward me.  
I do get scared sometimes when I get out of the car to take pictures. 

I was in the car in this instance. 

There was a jack o'lantern on both fence posts here.. it is the beautiful drive, with the deer and turkeys. 

I didn't see ONE this morning! 

It looks scary, doesn't it!  

Now, why we are not seeing pictures of the old place... 
we have leased it out. 

Yes, our beautiful Calamity Acres is leased to a young 
family, father, mother and 3 year old daughter.  A tiny chihuahua 
(who thinks he is a big beast) lives there with them. 
They have the chickens. 

It has been a long month for me, because my attachment is so 
great.  You notice I say IS.... I am purposely not going by there, even 
on the highway... I just can't bear seeing it for a while. 

I did talk to good neighbor Troy by FB messenger today, and 
he reminded me I could bring the dogs out to run around the pond any time I want. 
I just can't, right now. 

Someday I will be able to... just like the first Calamity Acres.  

I did go take care of the Ag Hall chickens today, just to keep my hand in! 

Today, my youngest son Jeff, turns 45... and it's All Souls Day in 
my church.... we remembered all those who have passed away 
this morning, and every day this month.  

I've decided to name something every day for which I'm grateful...
and... the first day: 

1. Puppy Butts.  My dear husband knows why.  

Welcome, November! 

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  1. I can only imagine how hard it is. (((HUGS)))

  2. Taking pictures in the morning will be fresh. We also will feel good. Clarity will be good...
    Nice to see all your clippings...

  3. Although you have new tenants there at the old place, you still have lots of memories and pictures too. Life is full of changes and this is a big one for you. Your new place is lovely and you've made it home now and you do have lovely places to take those walks. There are always lots of things to be thankful for !

  4. yes, it would be hard to pass our place if it was no longer ours. Puppy Butts, I think they are cute! Happy B'day to your son.

  5. I am sorry you had to give up your beloved little farm. I hope you find something new to help fill the gap.

  6. Changes are often difficult but also the root of many blessings, Love that last photo!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. I know how hard change can be. Everytime I go to see my parents I pass by where I grew up at and someone else owns it now, I look at that old barn without the Christmas Star that my dad made and it makes me sad. But change is good also and now you have less worry, and more time to spend on new things. That pumpkin did look scary.
    stella rose and momma


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