Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Week Day One

63 degrees. and believe me, we appreciated it. 

You see that we had glorious blue skies. 

It is almost impossible to get a good picture of a black bird or animal.  I'm PROUD of this crow!  If you biggify it, you can see his face. 

He had two buddies sitting close to him. 

I saw four hawks in less than a mile, but this was the view I got, mostly.

The south end. 

This guy was high in a tree as we drew closer to home. 

I didn't mean for this to be the All Bird Post, but, so be it. 

We went Christmas shopping today at Oak Park Mall, a very large mall here 
about 30 miles from us.  I'm happy to report we encountered small crowds, and great parking.  
I'm sure that won't be the same by week's end, but we won't be there, then! 

Oh, the joys of being retired, and early shopping is one! 


  1. 63 degrees and blue skies - wow! We better come there and see those birdies for ourselves!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Beautiful photos! It really warmed up at your house,,,, How can it be?
    We were 28 this morning

  3. These are fantastic!

    I have returned to my little Power Shot. I think I may be picture taking impaired.

  4. I still need to do a little shopping and I'm hoping that today will be the day to do it. It's nice to be out when most everyone else is still working. I know a lot have off tomorrow and it will be crowded here. They say we could warm up to almost 60 here for Thanksgiving day. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  5. Thanks for sharing the beautiful bird pictures. I have one Christmas gift left to get. I shop all year.


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