Thursday, November 19, 2015

And Then Look What Crossed the Road

I was on a hawk hunt today... and I saw them everywhere, especially in places where I could not stop and get a picture, because of traffic. 

Here is a blurry one in a tree, who was far off the road. 

One who is also blurry, a little closer to the road. 

I was on a roll... ANOTHER blurry one, who was even farther off the road. 

Why does that tree look strangely like it is in bud? 

And this one through the trees as I was almost home. 

And then, the peacock crossed the road. 

Taking his time as I waited with the dogs. 

Behind him came the peahen.  
What was the DEAL with the blur today? 
I must have had the shakes. 

And behind her... 

the grown peachicks, can you see three in the grasses? 

They were waiting patiently for us to drive on down the road. 

They were all beauties! 

We are expecting a plunge to the 20's tomorrow, and rain, with the dreaded "s" word coming tomorrow night. 

Winter is coming! 


  1. Folks around here don't seem to keep peafowl these days. They were common when I was a kid.

  2. Cool! I've been thinking of getting one for the shed feathers. Will be after I retire if I decide to.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. The Peacocks are delightful. We're to get colder here and they say by Sunday we may see snow. I got the boots out of the closet just in case.

  4. The final shots of peafowl were sure sharp and beautiful!

  5. Love seeing these birds
    Love & peas,
    Lily & Edward

  6. What were those peacocks doing out there???
    stella rose


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