Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

We open with our spooky inside jack o'lantern man... 

Spooky, huh???

He is guarding the candy we will now be eating until Christmas.  
We have not had one trick or treater this year 
at 7:41 PM. 

Last year we had about 20. 

You see, we live in a 3 street subdivision built on a farm... with 
farms around us, but we DID have a few last year. 

It rained yesterday, and the dogs did not get ONE walk... most days they are getting two. 

Tonight, after visiting our grands with Halloween treats, we 
went to Angel Falls, since it is so close. 

Off we went... Lilly was so eager to go. 

As we walked, the sun began to come out, finally. 

The squirrels had already gone to bed. 

I snapped a picture as we got to the bridge... the falls, which had been dripping, 
are flowing freely because of the rain we had this week. 
I wish you could have heard them. 

Here's a closeup, when we stopped for a drink. 

It's so strange to think that tomorrow night at the time we were here ... approximately 6 PM... 
it will be well past dark. 

Jes LOVES to be by the creek. 

When we got home, we fired up Jack on the porch... 
but I think there is no one going to enjoy him but us. 

Our grands are trick or treating in their respective neighborhoods, 
and it was good to see them today and take them their candy and cookies. 

What a great time my sister and I had in the "old days"... the neighborhood in 
which we grew up was safe, and we knew everyone; who gave popcorn balls (homemade) and 
who gave the best and worst candy. 

We went trick or treating by ourselves as soon as we started school... oh, what fun we had. 

I have an update... 
we just had a little brother and sister at the door!

Halloween is saved! 


  1. Some years wd have a lot and some not so
    We have had quite a few tonight but I think
    we are done, have not had any for about
    20 min. Wait some are at the door!

    We had a great time when we were young.

    M : )

  2. I love this post... it does bring up such memories. No trick or treaters this year here in town. Every year is hit or miss, we live in an old neighborhood but we're at one end that is a dead end and they just sometimes don't make it down at this end. Glad you had some, I bet they hit the jackpot, ha!!

  3. I love your decorations and where you walked.

    Happy Halloween.

  4. We had about 40 here and that is way down from what it used to be. I'm glad your Halloween was saved. It will be strange being dark so early now but it was nice to see daylight a little earlier this morning. Happy Sunday!

  5. Glad you got a few. Where we live now in the country, we get none. We went to my sister's to enjoy the spirit this year.

  6. We had a very quiet Halloween

  7. I think more and more parents are doing "trick or trunks" or church things. Some evil person put needles in candy bars somewhere this year. I saw it on the news today.


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