Saturday, November 28, 2015

Three Days of Rain

This is how the dogs feel. 

Yes, it really is that gloomy. 

The dogs have not been for a walk since Wednesday, and 
you know we walk a mile a day, normally. 

I think Lil and I could have made it, but we
would have had to leave Jester home alone today. 

On my way to church, I saw some mighty frozen weeds. 

There has been freezing, thawing, freezing, thawing, and accidents are everywhere. 

This poor cold hawk was on a pole at a farm where no one lives now (but it is still farmed). 
I felt so sorry for it. 

This past week, Izzie's Pond, a  rescue I follow on FB, attempted their 
first rehab of a red tailed hawk, under the tutelage of a wildlife rescue. 
One of the things Izzie's posted was that the number of hawks coming 
into rescue triples at this time of year.  Many juveniles or injured, cannot feed themselves, especially in the bad weather.  They grow emaciated, and then die.  

Sadly, the hawk in their care was injured too badly to live... but now I can't look 
at a hawk on a pole without worrying. 

Izzie's Pond has a wonderful story, and they have just purchased a larger property 
so they can expand their operation.  

Our skies have been so very leaden. 

Rain is predicted through Monday. 

I stopped at the bluffs... look at Stranger Creek!  
It is predicted to come out of it's banks upstream, at 

Here is the other side of the bridge, you can see that the water is roiling on it's way. 

We were supposed to have Jax over to stay the night tonight, but when I got home 
after church, Jim texted to say they were taking him along to dinner and a movie with 
Mom and Dad, while Paiton had a sleepover at her cousin's.  
As you can see, we are taking it EASY. 

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow, if the driving is better. 

Geese are beginning to fill the skies here. 


  1. Don't let that rain get ya down! We know, it's hard!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. I'm just getting caught up and I enjoyed all your photos this week. I am sorry to see your weather has turned so bad. I hope it gets better, especially since we'll be getting it next week:)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Keith! Stay safe out on those icy roads.

  3. Stranger Creek is very beautiful..!
    Its sad about the hawk.. Its sad when any bird gets injured.
    Your temps of ran and ice, then rain,, and thaw,,, Mother Earth cannot make up her mind!
    We have had 4 or 5 days of blue sky and 22 degrees.. But by next week.,,, we may get some of our normal rain.. and hopefully not as cold.
    Its hard when your not used to it,, and change is always good.

  4. i love the header pic of jester! we are having the mildest weather. we've mostly been in the 60's.

  5. You do have to be careful with water on the roads. We've had rain but nothing bad and so far no icy ones either. Those kind of days are best in where it is warm and cozy.

  6. Take advantage of the opportunity to snuggle up with the pups in that big chair and do some reading! I do hope you can get out and about more though. I know you love it.

  7. Do be careful.

    We are into our fourth day of rain.

  8. Looks like a great way to spend a gloomy day.
    I think I will have to do a happy dance when
    the sun comes out!!!! I cannot wait!!

    M : )


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