Friday, November 20, 2015

A Very Gray Day

The trail was lonely today. 

It was chilly and blustery, and rain threatened. 

The dogs were taking it easy, and we walked 1.2 miles. 

Above us, we heard The Call of the Wild Goose

The possum haw still lights up the woods

Beauty is where you find it. 

I left the grass long in the little side yard pond, and I'll try to get a picture of the reason why in the next few days. 

Lil was on the hunt for mice. 

Angel Falls is really rolling after the rain we had earlier this week. 

As my son said, if you build it, they will come. 

We will be attaching the plant hangers to the poles in the next few days, and hanging the bird feeders (plural) from them for the winter.  The poles have settled into the concrete nicely. Then, the bending and swaying metal pole will be put up for the winter. 

Don't look now!  They're heeerrreeeee. 

And, reasonably priced! 

The Salvation Army bell-ringers are out as well, don't forget them when you are out shopping. 

I still have marigolds blooming. 

And tomatoes, too! 

However, we are expecting temps in the 20's tomorrow night, so 
I'll say bye bye for now. 

Tomorrow, the little grands come to decorate their very own little Christmas trees. 

Pictures tomorrow! 


  1. Beautiful geese photos! We have been seeing them here too.
    It looks mighty cold there! Just like us- the temps are falling

  2. Colder here too. Glad you could brave the cold for a walk. The little color still left in the woods is appreciated. Have fun decorating with your grands. Sounds like a great way to spend the day !

  3. I like that creek. Neat little water fall. Wish I had a good place to walk near the house like that trail.


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