Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Then and Now

Here were the beautiful bluffs at Stranger Creek about two weeks ago. 
They shone red. 

Same view, today. 

Yes, winter is coming to Leavenworth County. 

Here was the callicarpa in front of the Ag Hall this morning, when I 
went over to do some office work. 

See why it's also known by the name "Beautybush"?  It is a ray of color 
in a now-dreary landscape. 

Before I left, I took some treats down to the hens.  Something new 
was in their pen, too... if you look closely, you will see that their 
heater has been connected, the heater that will keep their water from freezing. 
It is running through the pophole door.  

I am going to take some heavy plastic over on Friday and close that 
broken window on the left, enough cold air will come in the pophole, remember, there 
is no one there at night to shut the door for them. 

Keith and I had to do some errands yesterday morning... look what 
we saw in Leavenworth!  Gas, at 1.68.  In fact, we went again 
this morning to get his truck, and it was at 1.64!  What a change from 
the last five years. 

I saw this goose at the lake last week, and immediately was upset that someone had turned a 
domestic goose loose, because I didn't see how it would survive the winter. 

Guess what?  I realized after watching it for a while... that it was a snow goose.  
A single (so far) snow goose. 

It flapped it's wings several times, and I could see the black on the undersides clearly.  It was a LONG way from me at this point. 

This beautiful little girl was calmly eating in a pasture down the street from us as I went by the other morning.  I wanted to yell to her "RUN" because deer season is ongoing.  
She must have picked up the vibe, because I haven't seen her again. 

Has anyone started their Christmas prep yet?  I have about half of our presents bought, 
and we will get some more done early next week. 

We don't decorate here until the Saturday AFTER Thanksgiving. 
One thing at a time! 


  1. Love those rocks but I bet you knew I would. I have expected them to be under water.

    Have a blessed evening.

  2. Great pics.

    One holiday at a time in our house too.
    I do have one present though.

    Thanks for the Facebook friends request.

    M : )

  3. Autumn just whizzes by! We celebrated Christmas with my parents at Canadian Thanksgiving. I have all my shopping done. We will decorate in 2 weeks as we are hosting our holiday party (which has a Hanukkah theme) on the 6th of December.

  4. Wow Mary Ann,, your camera sure is working sooo wonderfully! Great photos!

  5. I shop all year long, but we don't put up our tree until after Thanksgiving, either. This year, Brian has requested that we do it on his birthday, December 6.

  6. we only have to do XMAS for my sister's little one and the hubbies 3 grands. I think he's going to give them all money. That will be easy. I'll give the other little one a present and some money too.

  7. Changes have come our way too. The onset of dreary days and a world of white and black will soon be upon us. But like you say one thing at a time...I've begun the prep for Christmas but have a long long way to go. I love this time of year and am trying my best to enjoy it all. The shopping, the cooking, the baking and the wrapping...

  8. Now I know what the bush with the purple berries is in our yard! I almost looks fake! And I have bought almost half and wrapped them, we also decorate right after Thanksgiving. I love it so it's hard to hold back, but I do!


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