Monday, December 9, 2013

Wrapping It Up

I wish I could tell you we were wrapping the cold weather up, but I believe we have two more days to endure. 

Frequent watering, that's all I can tell you. 

We are supposed to see thirties by the end of the week, but also, a second chance of snow. 

Friends... we have nowhere to eat!!!!


I reduced this pile this morning, and the only thing left unwrapped is one gift for the new baby due TOMORROW... welcome, Carson Joel Sheets....  and a stack of Christmas Cards to be worked on this afternoon. 
The shopping, except for three gift certificates, is FINISHED.  FINITO. 

Lilly Ann was in charge of the wrapping area... the bed in the spare bedroom... since the table is full.  (or WAS full).  This is also Keith's "workout" room, too. 

And his television room, until January. 

While someone else decided she would just turn her back on the whole thing for a while.  Abby does not like things out of place in her house.  We have so many sacks and presents in here right now, it's disconcerting to her.  We know when she is barking that something else is out of place in her house. 

I am SOOO making some of these next November! 
I got these at our feed store, Valley Feeds in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  
Marti, the owner's wife, made them for sale in their store.  They are small wreaths with suet and seed... and then she took a simple bird stamp and stamped each small brown sack to hold them.  They also had brochures about how to feed wild birds in the winter, so I picked up one for each wreath I bought. 
These would make a great small gift for kids to make for their friends and families. 

What the heck is this gloomy picture, you ask? 
Look at "One O'Clock" and you will see a crow coming in for a landing like a bat. 

And here he is, having a treat. 

I love to watch the crows... and the geese. 

Only in the last two weeks have I begun seeing huge flights of geese overhead.  This morning, I saw about fifty heading south towards the Kaw River. 

Thank you all for telling me the beautiful gray bird on our deck was a mockingbird. 
Very delicate and beautiful. 

The camera we use is a "Wildgame" camera, that is the brand.  We also have a Moultrie, which we are not using at the moment.  We found that the Moultrie drained it's batteries very quickly, but the Wildgame does not, and is easier to use.  We have the Moultrie as a backup. 
I did not put it out today, because I let the goats out early this morning and am about to go lock them back up, and I did not want them knocking it around on the deck.  It's funny, but if I put it out early in the morning... the goats ignore it.  When they SEE me put it out, they have to check on it!

No one likes this temperature... which is now 17 degrees at 1:48 PM. 

Everyone stay safe in the cold! 


  1. We can sure tell you have been very very busy. We thinks those bird wreaths would be nice gifts also.
    stella rose

  2. I'm so glad I don't have to buy a lot of presents. Drives me insane trying to figure out what to get people. I'm giving the new baby some money and she's the only one I have to worry about. Hubby has a couple of grands and that's it for him.

  3. Abby is such a sweetie .
    Stay warm !

  4. I still have to wrap everything as well! Love the bird wreaths.

  5. Good job on all that wrapping and congrats on the new baby!

  6. i love the suet wreathes! i am no where near being done.

  7. You make me long for snow, so much!

  8. Those are awesome ideas from the feedstore, would be fun to make!! :) So much wrapping going on! I've got packages all over my kitchen island and my table is covered in card stuff. I have not even began wrapping or finished shopping. We need at least 20 more days in December I say! :)

  9. My gifts to wrap are piled behind my bedroom door and I agree with Abby, don't like it at all. I hope I don't wait until Christmas Eve like I usually do to wrap them. My husband wants crows to visit our place so badly. He loves them but so far there have been none.


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