Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A sunny day today and brisk, but not too bad... we are up to 27 already. 
I took a gamble and did not dump the waterers last night, and only one was badly frozen. 
The inside water was still drinkable in the old henhouse, so that was good, and I think everything will warm up again today.  Really remarkable weather compared to last week's... and it looks like we will be back down in the thirties for a high next week for Christmas. 

Look who was down in the pasture last night!  
I put the camera way down there, pointed towards the hole under the fence where the wildings come in. 

What was he looking for? 

His buddy, that's what!

At least one of these is a dog coyote... I had the camera set to "video" the night before, and got four short films of a dog coyote (a male) around the camera.  I am going to try to load one but we know how my history of loading videos on Blogger goes. 

Wooopsss I tried to get them overhead, but there they go... I am seeing scores of geese now both morning and evening overhead, after not seeing any in months.  They are moving from field to field to eat... and I so love to listen to them. 

Remember, there are little worlds all around us.  I put the feeder fortex back over this hole. 

And some are just very happy in their own little worlds. 

Tonight is our concert with The Oak Ridge Boys in Topeka... I'll try to sneak a few pictures for you. 
Everyone have a great day! 

Miracle of Miracles... a video loaded in a few minutes!  Now if it's JUST THE RIGHT ONE!!!!




  1. I have not seen any foxes or coyotes around us in quite a while.

  2. Mom Kim here - my sis says she see's a wolf in the field across from her house a few times lately - wolves are know to inhabit the area and yes, it is a wolf - several people have seen it. Wonder if it is a dog-wolf?

    Have you been to an Oak's concert before? I have been twice in the past three or four years here in Topeka for their Christmas concert here in Topeka - WONDERFUL! Have also been to a couple of their concerts in Kansas City a few years back - LOVE THEIR MUSIC and they are great performers. ENJOY!

  3. I love your farm and animals. Those coyotes could be something else

  4. Enjoy your concert!

    Your game shots are good. I have a mystery animal in mine, moving too fast. Hope it's not the mountain lion we've been seeing.

  5. I love when you show the night visitors, nice to see alive wildlife.....Thanks Francine.

  6. Oh yes, Butch would love seeing this. It is so cool! I cannot believe how big those goat babies are growing. Have a great time tonight!
    stella rose

  7. How do you determine what is a coy-dog? The animal in the video looks all coyote to me.

  8. Mom Kim here again - I think it was you who asked about the Santa Paw picture on Team Beaglebratz? I so wish I could take full credit but alas - it were not me. Yes, I did capture the pic of Diva Shasta with her paw resting on Shiloh (I still cannot believe how lucky I was to get that a few years ago) but then a friend used Photoshop or whatever she used to turn it into the Santa Paws gif. I have been able to use that pic of Shiloh and Diva Shasta for a few people to turn it into really pretty gifs. It is definitely one of my fav pictures.

  9. I send prayers for all your animals that the coyote does not hurt any of them.
    We wish we could hear your geese and we wish we could come over for some hot cocoa- to be with you a little.
    We are keeping our paws crossed that the concert is wonderful- we have a feeling that it is.

  10. Hope you all have a great time at that concert. Enjoyed all your pictures as always. Still snow here today but a warm up is coming.

  11. Yay~ video was great, Mary Ann!! Enjoy the "Oaks"~ the original group (many years ago~ when they sang gospel music) was from just down the road from us in Oak Ridge, TN!


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