Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Oak Ridge Boys and More

Yes, here we are at the Oaks last night. 
We had a GREAT time.  
The Oak Ridge Boys did about 45 minutes of their old hits... and went off, and came back 
out and did a full Christmas show, with secular hits and sacred Christmas music... 
after all, they are known for their gospel music, too. 

It snowed on stage!

And those cool trees behind them changed colors, from red, to gold, to green, to silver... and multicolor... it was just really beautiful, and the simple backdrop faded in and out with the lighting. 

Towards the end of the concert, the Oaks sat in rockers from Cracker Barrel as they talked about their childhoods, and what Christmas meant to them.  The big fireplace was wheeled out, and it even had a fire that looked real! 
One of them made the comment that using the rockers had extended their show lives by ten years, which got a great laugh.  
Then they stood and the rockers and fireplace were taken away, and they finished with four wonderful Christmas songs.  
They are not afraid to talk about why we have Christmas, either, and the Reason for the Season... to much applause. 

We really enjoyed this show and highly recommend it, and here, let me say... the Oaks ARE OLD... Older than I!!!  Yee ha!  They still sound pretty good! 

And then... back to reality: 

Icelandia is melting... we have one more day of high temps this week, and then we are crashing again. 
I moved the pool over to the place where you see deep water... at the far end, and leveled it and filled it full with the hose, so all five ducks had a good swim. 
I'll do it today, and then may have to dump the pool again for a while. 
I am still being VERY careful on this ice. 

My helper is still working for me, she is looking for eggs here. 

There aren't any in the duck house, mama. 

But there WAS a surprise in the old henhouse. 

We got a green Ameracauna egg from this girl: 

Chatterbox had such a hard moult I thought that was it for her... she is, after all, almost four years old. 

Look at the pathway in the grass where the wildings are coming in and out. 
I told Keith I was going to block the hole... like I did the first one they made... and his comment was... "They'll make another one". 

He's probably right. 

Here is the beautiful sign that Jesse, Amber's husband made for us for Christmas... it is on solid oak... we are going to ask him to make a smaller sign to hang beneath it reading 
"Calamity Acres". 
It is very heavy... and beautifully made.  It will be put out by our gate in the spring. 

 And here's the gorgeous new moon this morning, washed by the sun's rays as it came up, and as the moon was setting.  What a gorgeous way to start the day! 


  1. Pretty soon on her diet, she'll be able to scoot right on into that door in the duck house.

    Sounds like a wonderful concert.

  2. Oh we loved that picture of you and keith at the guys are such a handsome couple! I am glad you had a great time, it sounds like it was a wonderful concert,, and very meaningful also!
    stella rose and momma

  3. looks like you had so much fun at the wonderful concert. that sign is fabulous! what a great job he did!

  4. Mom Kim here - You did a wonderful job of describing that concert - brought back memories of when I went a couple years ago. I do love the way the Oak's are not reluctant one bit talking about their faith and the real meaning of Christmas - I think that is what I love the most about them.

    I love your little piece of heaven on earth - love seeing the animals and your "egg-hunter". I especially love that last picture today. I MIGHT be able to get one like that but living in town as I do, too many buildings and power lines.

    By the way, if they come back - Mannheim Steamroller is another excellent group that puts on a great Christmas show. There are very few vocals but the Christmas music is great. If you google them you can find out more and listen to some of their music too. My sis and I have gone in the past and we had tickets for this year but I suddenly had a very UN-planned over-night stay in the hospital the same night of their concert. Luckinly someone bought our tickets so at least sis got her money back 0 I really would have rather seen the concert.
    Back to work now :(

  5. Wow! That was so much more than a concert! Wonderful that you got to go!

  6. Love the Oak Ridge Boys! Have never seen them in concert!! That white beard guy does look really old!!
    WoW! Still getting eggs with it cold out!! You're lucky!!

  7. Hi Mary Ann!
    You and Keith are so beautiful sitting there together! We love your smiles ans so happy you both got the chance to see the OakRidge Boys!!! We thought about you two! A night full of memories!

    Oh-- your farm looks so cold with all that ice! The full moon photo looks so peaceful--- its a beauty of a photo!

  8. How marvelous to see the Oak Ridge Boys. I have never seen them i concert, but maybe someday! I'm glad for them that they're unafraid to talk about the true meaning of Christmas. I wish more people felt that way.

    We don't have ice here in Oregon, but lots of damp cold and fog. Not long before the days start getting longer though. Then again, i don't want to wish time away! :)

  9. Mary Ann,

    The Oak Ridge Boys concert was all kinds of fun. You two look like your enjoying yourselves.
    Our ice has melted, expecting more in the next several days. Stay warm!!!!

  10. Sounds like a great concert! I love your shot of the moon and sky. Take care!

  11. Sounds like a great concert - love the Oak Ridge Boys. You look like you lost some weight... Good job.

  12. The two of you make such a great couple with your beautiful smiles. So glad you got to enjoy the concert. I do love the picture with the moon. Haven't seen it here due to clouds. The sun is rising here and the clouds have a reddish tint this morning...take warning...they say rain is headed our way. First time in over two weeks we've gone above freezing. My furnace can take a break for a little while.

  13. What a nice looking couple out on their date! Really! I'm so glad you enjoyed these very nice men in the concert.


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