Saturday, December 14, 2013

Just a Few Pictures

Our day today was taken up by our family lunch locally, to celebrate Christmas with the Yoder side. 
However... we got off to a good start! 
At 11:00 PM last night, Amber, Keith's youngest daughter, 
gave birth to her second son, 
Carson Joel Sheets.... proud mama and daddy Jesse and big brother Jace did not make it to lunch, of course, as they were all getting a nap in after the excitement. 
We'll have a picture of him tomorrow.  
Keith is there right now with his mom and dad meeting the 
little guy for the first time. 

I thought you might like to see some pictures of who was visiting our deck today, it was in the mid-twenties, but there was a brisk wind just about all day, and it felt colder.  I can tell you the wildings are going through the bird seed blend now, and the nyjer seed like no one's business. 

A veritible BlueBird KaffeeKlatsch

A different kind of blue bird. 

I love to watch the wild birds! 

We have Brynn's birthday party tomorrow... Keith's little granddaughter... so tomorrow's post will be late again, and picture heavy. 


And now Grandma Mary Ann needs to get her nightgown on and relax for a while! 


  1. Congratulations to to you and your family on the new addition
    to your family!
    Can't wait to see the little guy.

    M :)

  2. Happy Days!! Yay a new baby!
    A busy day for all of you! And all those birdies sure are gobbling the foods! Beautiful birds-- we have Stellar Jays here.
    We love to watch them too,
    Your so kind to all animals- your heart is full of love.
    Time to sleeps now
    nitey nite

  3. What a nice busy day you did have. It's always so exciting when a new little one comes into our lives. Congratulations! I often wonder about what my life would be like without those adorable little grandchildren, I'm thinking very dull indeed! It is always such a joy to celebrate all the holidays and birthdays and special occasions in between! Bird watching is one of my favorite things and enjoyed seeing your visitors.

  4. Birds are fun to watch and they do go through the seed! My parents fed birds and squirrels at their home. The bluebirds are gorgeous--I've only seen them in pictures.

  5. Congratulationson the new grandbaby!

    Your bird pictures are neat. They wouldn't dare drink like that with all the cats at our house. I have a pan of water up higher for them. I think our bluebirds have retreated to the timber. I need to fill our feeders again today; like you say they empty them FAST. Has your ice melted at all? I am lucky to be 100 miles south; we only had rain on Friday.

  6. Big congrats on the new addition and I love the pictures!

  7. Big congrats on the new addition and I love the pictures!

  8. These are great!! Especially the bluebirds. ♥

  9. Those birds are adorable - such spectacular colours!

  10. Love the love love the Bluebirds, do they stay all winter? Lucky you, Francine.

  11. Congrats on the new grand.

    We call the big ones Blue Jays.

    The sparrows wipe out my chicken feeder every day.


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