Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Back to the Twenties


We rebounded and got up to only 26 today.  From your comments, I can see that many more of you are going through the same thing.  

Be strong, Sisters and Brothers!  

Several of the red hens were hard at it when I got out to the henspa this morning.  I do it last... it is snug, they have a warmer for their water fountain.  I know they will be okay while I take care of the "other side"... the old henhouse, the ducks, and the goats. 

Speaking of the goats... their time in the yard grows short.  Normally I bring Lilly in when I turn the goats loose, as they have attacked her several times. 

The two little girls went after her today as Keith came down the drive... I heard Lilly cry out in pain and ran out the door, to find Keith in the middle of the mess.  I called the goats to me, so Lilly could get away safely, and then got Lilly and walked her inside.  

No more.  We value our Protector too much.  
Keith told me that the little girls were going after her from either side, and Lil was trying to hide under the truck to get away from them.  Even right now, she is hesitant to go outside, and I am just not going to put her through that.  
If the sun is shining tomorrow, we will give a shot at the ducks using the pophole in the fence that Keith made for them.  I honestly think the babies are too big to get through it, and I am going to watch them to see if they cam get through the only other hole I can imagine into the chicken yards. Once I am sure they will keep out of there... they are banished to the pasture.  I can't take a chance on Kelly getting into the rich chicken feed.  (The ducks will have to use the pophole instead of my opening the gate for them... thus keeping the goats from getting into the henyard). 

It is supposed to rain/snow on Friday, so the goats will probably be in all day because of it. 

I had a load of feed in the back of the HHR, and I wanted to show some of you how I move it, in case you need to do this yourselves. 

I was able to hitch the wagon up today, so that helped very much, but you can actually do this 
with buckets, as well.  Just takes longer. 
I pull the wagon up to the car, and then I pull--tug---shift the bags into the wagon, usually only two at a time.  This bag you see here slipped from my grip and fell on the ground.  I heaved it upright, and then took my two quart scoop, and scooped the grain into DRY buckets... very important that they are DRY so that your feed won't spoil.... and then hoisted the sack into the wagon when it was down to about 15 pounds, and took buckets and sack to the henhouse where I needed them.  I can't lift even the 40 pound bags of wild bird feed anymore, so I haul them over to the cans, and then bucket the seed into the cans for it. 

It takes a little longer, but it works, and like I said, if I have to, I open the feed sacks in the car.... scoop it into buckets standing on the ground at the back of the car, and carry that to the feed cans in the henhouses. 

That's where it gets hairy... up the steps into the henspa.  I am glad the hens can get under the building to stay cool in summer... but whew... carrying up and down can be a pain.  To be fair, it only takes about ten minutes to get the two sacks scooped into the buckets, and into the cans inside.  

I think this is so interesting... can you see where the grass stops and the "other stuff" begins? 
Creeping Charlie, I think... but a completely different color in the winter than the grass in the yard. 
I love to notice differences like this. 

I promise tomorrow we'll look at the book I ordered, and also at some other things that are coming in the mail these days. 

But for now, here's the first of the peppermint fudge batches that are rolling off the burners here!

Stay warm! 


  1. Mmmm..that peppermint fudge looks good! Working in the kitchen is a good way to spend the cold days...the heat from the stove will help keep you warm! :)

  2. Once New Years is over with, I'm ready for spring!

  3. Gosh- your so very busy- keepng all the animals happy and watered and fed- we don't see how you have any time to bake,, but your baking looks soo good.

  4. Yum Peppermint Fudge. It would not be long with me there.

  5. It is extremely cold for CA too. 30's and 40's

  6. At only 11 degrees here this morning, I'm very thankful not to have to go out and do chores. You are one hard worker but then it's something you like to do so I suppose it's more fun than work when you love what you are doing. The fudge looks very good! Hope you have a great Thursday. I'm in keeping busy in a different way but enjoying it too.

  7. Boy, just wait a day, and the weather changes doesn't it?!
    We were in the 40's a few weeks ago, and now we are lucky if we get out of the negative range.

    Love the system for moving around all that heavy farm feed, etc...
    It gets harder each year.

    Yummy looking fudge. Christmas fudge just tastes better than any other kind :)

    Warm wishes..

  8. I back up to the barn and the he-man hefts it in for me....

    That fudge looks really good.


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