Friday, December 27, 2013

What Greeted Me This Morning

This is Butch, my one-eyed pet rooster. 
He lives in the feed room, where I keep bedding for him.  His sole partner now is Buffy, the 
Polish hen, who is retired from laying and has trouble getting around herself. 
She can no longer roost. 
They have a warming light, because Butch will be six this spring. 

This scene greeted me this morning when I went in to bring fresh warm water to everyone. 

See the chickens on the other side... the "coop side"? 

And here is the other combatant, and it looks like Butch gave as good as he got. 

One of the three Elvi. 

The opening was just to the left, the corner between the wall and the door... you can see a bit of blood on it. 
There are actually two layers of chicken wire there, because I made a repair this fall.  
My guess is, I'm going to have to put some wood up to prevent the fighters from seeing each other, because as you see... they wanted to face off again. 

If worst comes to worst, I can put Butch in the nursing cage for a few days to calm everyone down, but we are supposed to dive into the twenties for a daytime high, and the teens and zero for nighttimes lows the next two nights after that.  
I'd like to keep him where he can sleep under the light. 

I'm going back out to check on them in a minute. 

On other fronts... the driveway has thawed and re-frozen and is now a sheet of ice.  To get out, I have to trudge up in my boots and open the gate, and then make a run for the gateway.... if I stop on the drive, the HHR can't get going again. 
Keith has 4 wheel on his work truck, a Tahoe.. and has no trouble, but we do not do personal business in the state vehicle. 

At least he can get to work. 

I hope everyone reading this is warm and has heat and light... so many were without over the holiday. 

We also thank God this morning for a family miracle...
Nathan and his friends Jay and Manny were playing football at a park in Garnett yesterday... and the ball went out on the ice.  Nathan tried to get it... fell through... nearly drowned... his friend Manny jumped in to save him... and by the grace of God, both boys were able to get out of the lake, despite being cut badly by the ice. 
Jacob called Nathan's mother... instead of 911, and yes, they have been explained and explained to that 911 comes FIRST.  
We are so glad their guardian angels were at their sides. 


  1. Oh my gosh i didn't know that chickens fight like that, at first i thought it was his normal color but then i realized something had happened...holey moley!!! Be careful walking on that ice, my momma is still limping around. she remembered last night when she fell out the back door her leg twisted under her and that is why her knee hit the concrete step so hard...ouch!! she thinks it is feeling a little better tho.
    We are so thankful nathan is alright.
    stella rose

  2. Rejoicing over your family miracle!

  3. Oh my gosh, so glad Nathan is alright! Hope the roosters resolve their differences, or you get the wood put up.

  4. Thank the Lord that he was watching over them! Hardware cloth might work between the fighters, if you have any on hand.

  5. I do so hate it when animals fight! I wanted to commend you on having a 6 year old rooster. As for those boys - there wasn't a whole lot of thinking going on there. Bless their guardian angels!

  6. Thank God the boys are alright, this could have been worse.

  7. Glad to hear that the boys are safe and sound! So scary!

    M :)

  8. Thankfully everyone chicks and kids are ok. Both scary but the boys an the ice the scariest for sure.

  9. It really was a miracle about the boys and the ice. Reading your words about it- makes us sick!
    Those naughty chickens need to get along with each other and appreciate what your doing for them to keep them warm!
    Gosh,,, those chickys!
    Sooo cold at your house- please be careful

  10. Oh my gosh, glad to hear that everyone is safe after the incident on the ice. Very scary....

  11. Those boys' guardian angels were certainly on duty! Thankful they are okay! They have probably learned more than one lesson there.


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