Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hunkered Down

As I type this, we are having a sleet storm outside.  Keith managed to get to the feed store earlier today... and I to church at 4... but the sleet is now coming down steadily. 
We'll have to be so careful tomorrow, as we are to get
snow starting around 10 PM, on the ice base. 

We got a package in the mail yesterday, and in it, were green branches from Oregon, from 
our friends Tweedles, Georgie and Paulette. 

We are so grateful to you for bringing the smell of the Oregon forests into our little living room. 

Someone was in time out this morning. 

She finally got up and went across the pasture and made herself at home in the chicken house.  When I went out to put her back in... she came running out right to me.  She was chasing Windy again, and kept trying to mount and breed her.  Yes, Delilah is definitely a doe.  Yes, Windy is definitely a doeling. 
She not only chases her, Delilah lifts her up in the air and positions her with her head and horns, the poor little girl.  She will run in circles to try to get away. 

Sometimes, if I separate them for a while, it will calm Dee down.  She had a pile of hay and a water bucket, just out of view to the right of the gate into the goatyard. 

The one with the rime of ice building on it. 

You can see Keith is loaded for bear before going outside to go to the feed store. 

But my red geranium that was on the deck is blooming again for Christmas!  Isn't that wonderful? 
It's been in my bedroom for the fall, but is going out into the kitchen for the week. 

This was what greeted me when I got home from church tonight!  
It was so good to get safely inside with these smiling .... errr... faces! 
My family Christmas weekend is all turned around with the bad weather we are having, but
we will salvage what we can and see our relatives on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as we can. 
I'm so glad our little Carson was born LAST weekend while the driving was safe. 

And for those of you who are interested in the paranormal... what ARE those three orbs on the Christmas tree?   I don't have any lights that size! 

And we got another package yesterday from our little friends Stella Rose, Angus McConnell, and Maggie Mae, the Three Little Pugs. 

And there goes Lil out the door with her big bone! 

Stay warm, my Friends! 


  1. Hunker down and enjoy your nice, dry home, your pretty tree, that wrapped up mummy and your pets enjoying their treats from far away. Here 100 miles south of you we are still having freezing rain and everything is a skating rink. Our Kansas City kids came down yesterday afternoon for a SURPRISE retirement party for me at work so they were here and didn't have to drive down for our family Christmas in this today but had to drive back in it. They made it home safely but said it wasn't fun driving. All the churches in the area have cancelled services, including the Catholic church (which used to never happen). Our younger son and wife stayed around and visited for awhile and they fed our dog and cats so we wouldn't have to go out on the ice.

    Merry Christmas! We can hope to be thawed out by then.

  2. Nothing like bad weather to make you appreciate a warm house.

  3. Mary Ann,

    Be careful with this sleet storm, it's come through hear and caused havoc. Be safe, stay warm, and dry.
    Enjoy the time you have with family for the holiday's in between the sleet.
    Those branches from Oregon are beautiful, they must smell wonderful.
    Your Christmas trees is pretty, do you have 3 large Santa ornaments on the tree? Or maybe it's the reflection from the flash on glass colored ornamental balls.
    Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to You and Yours.

  4. That Christmas tree really makes us smile. It is so beautiful! And smiling faces too!
    Keith looks like a man from the Artic- all ready to be brave in the storm! Oh how we hope your all careful.
    We enjoy seeing your gifts of love coming from everywheres.
    We are so happy you love the forest greenry.


  5. It's a good time to be in where it is warm and cozy. I hope the bad weather will soon be over for you so that you can enjoy your days celebration Christmas.

  6. Mary Ann,

    Despite the cold and the sleet, your home is warm and cozy and full of love and togetherness!

    Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


  7. I think Keith looks prepared but no one wants to be out long in the wet sloppy sleet.
    Although here I had a hard time calling the dogs in! Could the orbs on the tree be the spirits of Christmas? (past, present, future) Beautiful color with your geranium. Mine are all hibernating.
    It is nice to get togeether with family whenever one can.
    Congratulations on the new baby.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. your place looks so cozy! stay safe in that nasty weather! the globes on the tree are tiny dots of water on your lens.

  9. Hoping you're staying warm and inside with this crazy weather!! My husband checked the radar and we have a little hole over our house - so he's taking the dog out quickly before the other half of the rain story comes this way. Strange having thunder storms in December.


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