Thursday, December 26, 2013

And Now, Back to Regular.....

3 Days of thawing and re-freezing have left the driveway a treacherous place. 

There is just enough of a bank to the left that if we slip down that way, we can't get back up. 

And everyone doing chores, watch out for re-freeze in your gateways... they can become so 

One slip on the ice... 

Everyone was very happy with the blue skies this morning... and we are up to 43 right now out there. 
The goats are loose in the pasture... the chickens are out... and everyone is glad to be in the warm sun. 

We are supposed to be back down at 25 for the weekend. 

One last Christmas shot... we visited younger son Jeff yesterday... he dwarts me, as you can see... but it was good to see him.  Jeff does not keep a phone, so we see him infrequently.. and I was 
glad to have this visit for Christmas.  Yes, that's a new hoodie he's wearing! 

The ducks are always so glad to get that first drink in the morning, since their water freezes at night. 
I should explain... at 6 or so, I go out and dump all the outside water, except for a low fortex for the ducks, and the goats inside green bucket. 

Everything else is poured out, so I don't have to deal with deep ice in the morning. 
I also empty the three containers in the old henhouse, because they would freeze during the day. 

So the ducks are very glad to see me coming in the morning. 

See the mess all around their fortexes?  The starlings descended on the water and feed, and wiped them out several times.  They drink the lower fortex down to the bottom, and drink as much of the high one as they can reach.  They eat ALL the pellets, and leave the cracked corn. 
I notice there are a lot of other little birds around, though, as well. 

It just creates a real mess that is going to smell badly when it really thaws. 

I'm going to close today with a short video that I took this morning... 
goat friends, check out this behavior and keep in mind that Delilah is still trying to breed Winnie off and on. 


  1. Wow your son is so tall! You look like a little girl beside him, I have a son in law, Chris that is tall like that also. Stay upright doing your
    Stella Rose's Momma

  2. Maybe it's GMO corn. I hear animals don't eat it as well.

  3. Glad you got to see Jeff. Little awkward getting a hug, isn't it? My younger son has to bend a bit to rest his chin on top my head so about the same as you and Jeff.

    Almost wishing for complete thaw, then think of MUD. Worst for us is right in front of the shed where the dog food is kept. Sun doesn't hit there and it thawed just enough there was water on top of the ice which is now freezing back. Do be careful as you do your chores!

  4. Tell Jeff we said hello to him! He is tall for sure!
    Oh you all must be so careful out there in your tundra. Its looks sooo cold.
    We ad 28 this morning and fog sooo thick.

  5. A very belated Merry Christmas to you and yours, it sure is a proper white Christmas where you are! The cute goat pics always raise a smile!

  6. So glad you got to see your son. I can't imagine one not having a phone.That would be very hard. I don't see some of mine very often but at least they do have phones and keep in touch that way. I always enjoy the pictures. Take care on the ice. I have seen some things that slip on your boots that give one some traction Maybe you should look into that. Ice is tricky for sure.


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