Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Visit to a Pumpkin Patch

It was kind of a sad pumpkin patch, at a farm that had clearly seen better days.  We paid 12.00 to go through a "corn maze" that turned out to be a meandering patch cut through weeds, that ended in a farm road that we simply walked along until we returned to the farmstead.  We felt sorry for the animals in their soggy pens, and for the cheerful family who was trying to make a few dollars on fall weekends.  Nathan and his mom really liked the little donkey and calf tied out for people to pet, though his mom felt badly when told the calf's fate after the balmy October weekends.

I enjoy looking at old farm buildings, but these saddened me.

The buildings were in a cluster behind the house. This outhouse was a "fur piece" from the house, and I envisioned walking to it on cold days, or in the rain!

The barns were sad, too.

I have such barn envy, it hurts to see barns that have gone to rack and ruin. 

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