Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Giving Thanks Project

On November 1st, All Saints Day (and the 40th birthday of my beloved son Jeff!) I am joining Leah at South Breeze Farm for the 2010 Giving Thanks Challenge.  Bloggers across the country will be listing a daily thing for which they would like to give thanks... something MDH and I try to do regularly.  My first grateful thought is for Jeffrey, who though he lives 50 miles away, is daily in my heart.  He is an independent, hardworking single man, who is content with his lot in life, and I couldn't be happier about him.  Thanks for Jeff!
Jeff and me, circa 1974
How about them slacks????


  1. Those slacks are great! What's the problem with'em? I'm wearing a pair that look kinda similar right now. :D

  2. You never cease to amaze me. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that you have a 40 year old son, but then mine is 54. I love your blog and the all the pics of your family and also the animal family. I don't know when you have time for yourself with all this and all the cooking you do. Mary G.

  3. Love the 70's look! LOL

    I love the Giving Thanks Challenge!

  4. Great picture!! I think I have a photo of my mum and me from about the same era where she is wearing slacks like that. Only hers are a rust color! Funny.

  5. I had some pants like that, too! Just stopping by to see what you're thankful for today! Nice to meet you. I have 2 sons and a daughter for whom I'm so thankful!

    Hope you get your chickens. I'm begging for some, too... ;)

  6. Hey - I LOVE the slacks!! The 70's were awesome for fashionistas like you! =)

    So glad you're along this month. Hope you're blessed by the challenge!

    - Leah

  7. Visiting via the Giving Thanks Challenge linky list. I've enJOYed reading your posts of thankfulness.

    Blessings & a bit o' sunshine!


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