Friday, October 29, 2010

Chrismas is a Cummin' In

With nods to the old song, Christmas is indeed a cummin' in. 

Last week on the morning of the haunted tour day, friend Bernie and I went to the yearly Junior League Christmas shopping event, along with about 5,000 other ladies and 4 men. 

As I love Christmas decorations, I was eager to see this year's trends.  I found there to be liberal use of Lime Green.  Now, I like Lime Green, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to Christmas, I'm a purist.... forest is "Christmas Green" to me. 

There were wreaths large and small, and many featured the tulle so vibrantly  colored LIME GREEN in this picture.  In fact, Bernie went back to buy some tulle to fashion some large bows of her own.

There were booths displaying many lovely Christmas gifts.

And couture from western....

to Steampunk....

But the things I loved the best were the booth of Texans who took your broken, beautiful old dishes like the flow blue above, and made them into beautiful, wearable jewelry to use and hand down.

Gorgeous red transferware, in silver settings.

Friend Bernie, trying on rings.

This lovely idea, displayed so beautifully, can be pursued at, and tell them you saw them at Calamity Acres!

They were making a list and CHECKING IT TWICE!


  1. I think of the Grinch when I see that green at Christmas. That looked like a fun event.

    Enjoy the Halloween Weekend!

  2. Thanks Leann, we are having a party today before trick or treat night... so look for pictures tomorrow! Happy Halloween!


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