Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Garden in Autumn

Several years ago, in the small boxed planting beds we had made, now incorporated into the first of the two big perennial beds, we planted some mums that we bought at WalMart to decorate the porch during the fall season. 

I neglected to pinch back or divide those mums and they are now running rampant.

I need to dig them up after blooming (the above is not all of them) and separate and replant smaller clumps.  Mums, anyone?

At the end of the bed, growing up the arbor, is the hyacinth bean plant that went beyond believeable and grew and grew and grew.  Next year we'll grow it on the other side of the arbor as well, and probably won't be able to walk through!

It's pods, shining purple in the sunlight of Sunday evening, are almost ready to pick and dry for next year's vines.  Growing next to it (and intertwined, if you look closely you can see it) is the cypress vine, red and white flowers.  It has gone beyond anything I expected it to do, so we'll grow it from arbor to arbor along ropes, in the back of the bed, for height and for privacy from the road. 

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