Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another New Garden Bed

Wednesday night, to work off some worry and anxiety, I decided to finally plant the bulbs I had bought a month ago.  A selection of tulips, crocus, hyacinths and narcissus, I had put off intermingling them with the plants in the "new" spring garden bed that we made this year.  At the end of last week, Keith had made two more equally nice "lasagna" beds, and now we have four, and a fifth started.  As it takes time to layer them properly, we planted only the two on the north end.  On one side are iris that I separated a week ago, and on the other side of the same bed, some plain hostas given me by a friend, since this bed is in the shade of the big maple.  Between these I put most of the bulbs I bought for a spring display.  Others I did interplant with the flowers in the bed from this spring.  I still have narcissus to plant in that bed but I want to tuck them in amongst the other plants.  I used bone meal to line each hole before setting in the bulbs.  At one end of the bed I stuck a tomato plant that had volunteered in the compost heap, but transplanting now probably killed it.  It will be an interesting experiment to see if it flowers before we get a                        

And the tomato plant.... it would be fun to see it thrive, but it is far too late for it....

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