Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Tiny Chick

I hope we don't lose this one, it's one of the tiniest. 

Yes, that's a frisbee in the background, I use them to feed tiny chicks with chick starter.  In case you are wondering, the entire bedding of the little henhouse is chick feed that has turned to dust, the yellow specks are pieces of scratch that are in the bedding.  The mice love me.  The little henhouse is too wide to reach into and the porch on the front makes it hard to get into.  There are two large popholes at the back, and I used to keep it bedded with straw, but the feed and dust really make a better bedding for the countless chicks that have been raised in there.  If for some reason Keith and I are ever down with the flu, the chickens could subsist on their bedding for several days! 

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