Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Discover An Egg Cache

Despite the Three Little Hens sitting on a pile of eggs, I discovered a cache of eggs laid by the other hens this afternoon in the "duck house", a large house Keith built originally for the ducks who lived here in the henyard.  It was used for the last two years by Nancy, one of the geese, and by three of the four geese during the bad winter last year.  Opening the side pophole, I discovered ten eggs, eight of them nice big brown ones.  I am assuming my two latest hens are laying now! 

I'll cook these up for the chickens themselves, boiled, but at least now we will start getting some eggs again and I WON'T HAVE TO BUY THEM!

I'm glad to see Rosewitha didn't get squished in the corner for a week!  Those are the derrieres of Flicka and Silka we can see now. 

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