Monday, January 24, 2011

Short One Tonight

I need help.  We are on Sprint aircards here for internet services.  Though we live just outside (2 miles) a little country town (Tonganoxie) that has broadband services, there are none on our gravel road.  We originally had dial-up, provided by a company in Leavenworth.  Eventually, we got on Sprint. 

We have a limited amount of kbps that we can use monthly, and for the last two months, we have gone over them.  We thought originally it was my older grandson running the bill up by playing video games, but he has not been up since Thanksgiving... no, it was I... and we think loading pictures to the blog is doing it.  Some nights they take forever! I do NOT want to quit using pictures, though.

We don't even want to talk about videos!  I have some very funny ones, and in fact, started a Calamity Acres channel at YouTube, but have been hesitant to talk about it because I felt that it was unfair when I cannot add to it regularly.  Sometimes a video will load quickly, other times, a video lasting a minute will take an hour to load. 

How does everyone handle this, those of you out in the sticks as we are?  We are ten miles from a huge metropolitan area (Kansas City, on the Kansas side) but may as well be in Outer Mongolia as far as Sprint is concerned.  I investigated Hughesnet satellite today... has anyone had any experience with this?  I would love to read comments or suggestions.

I leave you tonight with a picture of the many birds gathered around our feeders yesterday afternoon... Keith tells me that with more temperate temps this week... we got to 34 this afternoon... we are facing a plunge into the freezer again next week.  I gotta tell you, it's beginning to get to me!

OH, WAIT.... that's a big red dog guarding the bird feeding station so no wild birds will get HER birdseed!


  1. I`m really sorry to hear of your plight. However as I dont live in America, I cant offer any advice. But here, we used to be dial up, then we got into Wireless. Using the mobile phone networks, then after that we got BB, from our telephone company, but not dial up, back to Wireless? Strange eh? Its about 8mb/sec, but with unlimited use.

  2. I hate being on a limited internet. We go through Wild Blue which is actually pretty reliable, although a little expensive sometimes.

    I'm fine when it comes to uploading or viewing pictures but when you add videos of any kind it quickly sucks away the little bit of internet we have. I bet that's what's doing it for you :(

  3. So sorry for the dilemma. I know many folks have challenges with the connection. I have heard that the satellite works pretty well but can be expensive.

  4. I'm the only computer geek on the planet that doesn't own a computer. Live out in the sticks too and it's just not worth the expense or hassel. So as long as I work, I'm not going to be buying it.

  5. So sorry Mary Ann - I'm not of any help to you. I'm not sure what you mean by on aircards.

    Love my visits here my sweet friend!


  6. I would like to know as well!!! I'm out in the sticks just on the opposite side of Tonganoxie. I haven't had internet for a year. I'm dying here!


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