Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jenny, Feeling Much Better

Our little Jenny cat is feeling MUCH better!  Here she is on the back of the recliner, and we are glad, because this time last week she was in hiding, and her breathing very labored.  We noticed this evening that she was "squeaking" again, and so she went for her hour long humidifying treatment in the bathroom.  Her "sister" Josie groomed her for a long time, too... because Jenny has not started cleaning herself regularly again.  We can see by her eyes that her sinuses are still full and affected, so we continue the medicines.  However, she is eating again, and we are grateful for that. 

What a relief that there won't be another little grave under Beau's tree... we were dreading that very thing.
Your blogger has been down with her own bug the last few days, so this will be a short post tonight, with pictures loading very slowly, and hard to sit up here at the computer.  Maybe by tomorrow Jenny and I will be in top shape again!


  1. Hope you and Jenny get better real soon. Mary G.

  2. Such great news Mary Ann! I am rooting for Jenny. I know if it is to be, you and your Hubby will pull Jenny out of this! She is a lucky kitteh to call Calamity Acres home and have you two watching over her.

  3. So glad to hear she is getting better!

  4. I'm sorry that you feel bad. Get well soon.

    Also, extremely happy to hear that little Jenny is better. Will continue to pray that she's back to 100 percent soon.

  5. So glad she is on the mend. Isn’t it the sweetest thing how animals will take care of each other like that? It always melts my heart. My little dog was cleaning my Janie cat’s ears the other night and she was in heaven. He does a good job too :)
    Hope you feel better too!! Take care of yourself.

  6. So glad Jenny is getting better! Sounds like you all have been under the weather, it's been going on here too. I really appreciate your story about Lily Ann, she looks alot like my Toby, he was queensland heeler and shepard and one of the loves of my life. Take care all. Many Blessings, Marla


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