Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Snow

Last night's snow... yesterday's snow... though we are expecting a light dusting tomorrow, and then a heavier snow on Sunday.  For those of you in the far northern climes reading this, I know you are laughing! 
I missed work, because my new car was not high enough to clear the eight inches of snow in the driveway and became stuck.  I had already requested a vacation day but got cleaned up and tried to go.  That's Keith trying to get it out.
Looking back towards the llama barn
And out towards the gate after I shoveled for two hours while Keith went to get sand

Lil, giving her approval. 
The dogs were wild to get out, and ran up and down the cleared drive as fast as they could for a while.  I shoveled a path to the pasture, and a path to the henhouse... it's just a pain carrying buckets while you dive through snow. 
It was a beautiful day, as you can see in the pictures, but what a way to burn a vacation day!
We have decided any new vehicles we get from here on in will be four wheel drive. 
We have decided we'll be getting a blade for the John Deere yard tractor!
I was in the henhouses frequently... and here is what I found in the little henhouse:
Not one, but TWO.
I climbed in through the back pophole and got the eggs.  They were NOT happy. I've never had hens go so broody in the middle of winter.
And last, another picture of the beautiful Angel, taken this afternoon.

I absolutly love this young pullet
Book reviews tomorrow night if I can still move my arms to type after all the shoveling!


  1. We got around 6" here in Lenexa. Snow day for me today but I think we'll have school tomorrow--thank goodness it is Friday. But then there is Sunday.
    Take care.


  2. We got another heap last night as well. *Sighs*

    That is a pretty pullet!

  3. I've always been a firm believer that proper equipment is worth the cost.

    Luv the hen. Beautiful.

  4. Sounds like you had a terrible day. Hope things get better soon. My friends in Pequot Lakes, MN said they had 16 inches of snow and below zero temperature.

  5. Oh my-that is a lot of snow to me too and I hate being stuck. It is all gorgeous though. We have been robbing our nests too-they don’t like it but it’s best for now. That last pullet picture is gorgeous. She is a beauty--definitely looks like an angel :)

  6. Oh, look at all that pretty snow... (can you tell it's mild and wet where I am right now? lol)
    I've always loved pictures of fresh, pristine snow on a brilliantly sunny day!


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