Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Country School

This little school has no name on it, but it belongs now to the Township where I live, though not near our house.  It is not used often... meetings used to be held there before the new firehouse was built.  I grew up were there were firestations every few blocks, it seemed, but out here in the hinterlands (!) most of the fire fighters are volunteers.  It's good to be neighborly since your life may depend on those very neighbors who surround you!

I am going to do some research at the historical society soon to find out the name of this little school. that had such thick walls...
You cannot see inside anymore, because they have blocked the windows, I am sure to keep vandals out.

The back wall has been repaired.. I imagine there was no window here, and the wall needed strengthening.
But it looks out over a beautiful valley...

It is not as large as the White School,
and is smaller than the little one down on the corner of our road... the Admire, as we think it was called...

But they were built the same.  This little school. above, has been turned into a very nice residence, though no one lives there at present.  The front of the school and the belfry came off in a fire (there is no damage inside it is newly remodeled). 
And lastly... something new came to Calamity Acres today, to ensure that there will be no more large bills for blogging...

We have a new Hughes satellite dish.. ungainly on the roof, it means we no longer will be charged all the overages for the slow transfer of photos on the net... and we are dropping Sprint aircards.  In answer to your questions, we are at the Basic service, about 60.00 a month for this, and there are two higher (faster) levels.  We got a 3 month starter special of 29.95 a month.  Yes, there was an installation or equipment deposit.  You must sign up for two years on the contract.  So far, it seems to be working fine with one hour's use.

I have just looked at, and the temps are going into the bucket for the week.  I was putting off getting feed until Monday, but now see that the weather is calling for 40% of ice pellets.  Not knowing whether they are sticking or not, I am going to drive the ten miles over to the feed store we prefer and pick up some sheep feed and wild bird before the store closes early today.
Have a good evening!


  1. Happy Saturday to you.
    Sounds like we are going to get another good on mid week. Groceries are on the list for tomorrow.
    Glad you issue seems to have been resolved.
    I love old schoolhouses. I often wonder about the people that went there and their teachers.
    They are fun to look at.


  2. So glad you shared about your Hughes Net--I’ve been wondering about it for so long. Glad it’s working well for you. I love the school houses above-how charming. The 2nd one is my fave. Life was so sweet back then I think. Be careful on the feed trip and have a great week.

  3. What a charming schoolhouse,thanks for sharing!

  4. I like the old school house.

    I got something in the mail from hughes net yesterday. Hope it works out.


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