Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Short Days and Cold Nights

Actually, we all know that the days are subtly lengthening, but it doesn't make those zero degree mornings (or below zero!) any better.

Trekking through the snow drifts brings all too many reminders of last year's months-long pain, and sore shoulders and necks are reminders of why we downsized animals this year.

The llamas are doing fine in their cold pasture... they have the extended 3 sided barn to snuggle in, and they are using it.
Even though Aztec looks like he wants to come through the gate and into the house with us, they are fine. 

The chickens, despite the pophole being open, want to stay inside.

Here you can see how the chicken house is divided.... the flock is on one side, and the "feed room" on the near side.  The feed room normally has a clean floor, and neatly lined feed cans to the right in this picture.  However, Butch has been living inside it for months now, and the Three Survivors... I really have to name them... are now his girls.  As you can see, there is litter on the floor there, too.  Here is the weird thing... we used to open the door and see mice running everywhere... not this year.  We see one or two... but not the hoards of old.  We have not seen any in the house either, and last year were overrun with them. Maybe the snakes under the house did their jobs very well.

I am taking some half days this week to keep the little chickens watered at midday, since they have no heater for their waterer.  We hope to rectify all this during the spring, so that next year we can fill a waterer and leave it for two days, instead of rotating waterers in and out of the henhouse.  We will be able to run the waterer heater and have a light glowing for warmth, once the wiring is finished.  At least there was sun today, which brought everyone's spirits up, at work and at home.
Dogs and cats are staying IN.

Especially the blogging assistants!


  1. Oh my gosh-your pugs are so cute. My in laws have one the same color--her name is Daisy and we love her. Your babies all look like they are weathering the storm just fine. You stay warm and enjoy the beauty :)

  2. Hope getting around has been a little better for you.
    Your "assistants" are adorable!


  3. Do you really have three pugs? I have a grandpuggy and a grandsnoopy (a beagle). I just love the puggy...he is so loving and sweet.

    We had a llama attacked in our corner by a pit bull last week. I'm happy to report that he is doing well. What surprised me was reading that the llama serves as a protector for the farmer's sheep.

    Hope that all the coming improvements makes your farming much easier. It's a lot of work!

  4. Sounds like you are keeping all your animals as cozy as possible. You and Keith stay that way too. Love, Mary G.

  5. My hens chased down several mice and ate them. I told hubby I wondered if we were going to have mouse flavored eggs.

    But, right after that I got 2 of the biggest eggs I've ever seen....

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