Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Wet Week So Far

Uh huh.... just when you think it's safe to put them away.... they're baaacccckkkk. 

This starling bathing in the puddle in the middle of the drive should explain why. 

We still have overcast skies today, and it rained off and on as I drove Chris home to Garnett... actually to Ottawa, as his mom was just getting off work when we got there. 

We did not get as much done as we expected. 

The dumpster will be ordered for two weeks from now, and we are going to go to town!

I took this picture this morning in the old henhouse.  Can you believe it? 
I waited for him... and he had a good, long drink.  I change these waterers (there are two, one down and one up) daily because of what you see in them... mice poop. 

The little guy took some time to clean himself up after the drink.  You see, the roosters don't go after the mice the way the hens did. 

You see here a mutant mouse.  There are numerous of these in the old henhouse.  This has been going on several years.  


Lil and I took another trip down to the bottom of the pasture last night. 

These are going to son Jim. 

Lil was ready to go home, though, when we were finished.  You see the pasture grass is growing tall and lush.  I wish we still had four little goats to nibble at it.  Goats are browsers, though, not grazers. 

Here comes the henspa trio this morning... they are glad to get out in the yard every few days.  

Their home is being overrun, too. 

I stopped in Lawrence on the way home from taking Chris today... and ordered a gyro salad at a Greek restaurant.  My stomach has not been right since the colds started last week... so I packed it up after five minutes and brought it home for Keith and me to share tonight.  I can tell you from the few bites I had... it was wonderful!  

And Keith will be so proud of me... I stopped in my favorite store in Ottawa... Front Porch Antiques... and managed to come out with NOTHING.   I LOVED this old music cabinet made up in shabby chic... and set for spring.  I saw several other things that I would have loved to bring home... but... patience, patience.  
Isn't it lovely, though? 

We're headed down to 36 tonight... but going to the high 80's next week!  What a roller coaster ride! 


  1. I have yet to look for morels this year. They're gonna be gone before I get out at this rate!

  2. everyone seems to have morels. i really should look around and see if i have any. i assume i don't but who knows unless i look! it is pouring here right now!

  3. After a very wet start to the week, we do have some sunshine peeping out here this morning. It's still cloudy though and we have a chance for more later today. I'm glad you treated yourself to salad and a stop at the antique store. Nice little rewards for all the hard work you've been doing.

  4. Oh boy those mushrooms look good!!! I loved that cabinet also. How pretty!!!!!!
    stella rose

  5. shoot, we had rain galore.... Bad, bad weather and now it's cold. Have a sweater and jacket on to leave the house. After being in tank top/shorts on Monday.

    That mutant looks weird.

    lol....Mary Ann you are a big hearted to wait on mousie to drink!

    Your son is going to enjoy the morels.


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