Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Musings

Look who got to go home this morning. 

She was in her element. 

She went all over the pasture and all around the yard, and then came up on the deck for a drink.  
After a while, I went in to do some work in the house.  I couldn't find Lilly when I came out. 
I should have known... she had gone to sleep under the unfinished deck on the side of the house, where she was always wont to hide and sleep during the day. 

She was glad to get in the car and go home with me; she is becoming less apprehensive in the car. 

I'm hoping that one day this week, I'll be able to take the little blue roosters to 
the feed store parking lot and find new owners for them. 
Then these guys, who have lived their whole six years with me, will get to come 
down from their lofty rafters and be chickens on the ground again for a while. 

You can just see the black tail feathers of their little hen. 

She is the only hen left in the old henhouse. 

These daffodils brightened my morning! 

Our neighbor Troy was over yesterday to visit, and he happened to look down 
while we stood in front of the old henhouse... and see this guy! 

Can you see his south end here?  (On the right)  If you look closely... he has crawled inside 
the top container... and his head is clear over on the left, if you biggify the picture, you may be able to see him. 
I took this picture this evening. 

Something made a BIG tunnel in the old henyard.  I don't think the birds are coming out... at least... I have only seen the blue roosters out a few times.  The other birds, the older ones, will not come down for fear of the blues beating them up.  I suspect a muskrat here... we had a lot of them two years ago, then, when it was so dry last summer, they disappeared. 

We have noticed that the mice are running rampant now in both henhouses.  The hens kept them at bay while they were here... and 
now... I am counting on the snakes to get to work. 

I ran into Troy's wife Kathy at the grocery store on my way home this evening, and she is going to check with her daughter to see if she can take Moe, April and Fluffernut. 
Once the henspa is empty, I can clean it out and get it ready for whoever will come after us. 

I have a timeline... I am going to work on emptying the old house this week, and cleaning it... I have been cleaning as I go.... once I am finished with the cleaning, I'll tape everything off, and we'll get paint and I'll get things started there.  I hope to have the house finished in the next two weeks, with what we are going to do... and then Chris and I can tackle the outbuildings.  

Little by little.... and how I'm praying for patience! 


  1. Patience should never be asked for. The only way to learn patience is too be tested. You don't want to be tested.

    You are getting a lot accomplished.

  2. It's a big job so patience is needed there for sure. One day at a time and before you know it all will be done

  3. Mary Ann,

    Do what you can at your own pace, remember it will get done when it gets done. Don't stress out about it!!!

  4. You have a good plan but do take it slow
    so you don't wear out.

    I bet you won't miss your snake friend.

    M : )

  5. It's a lot of work, I know. Don't wear yourself out to the point of being sick! You'll get it all done in good time.

  6. Little by little Mary Ann- little by little

  7. I hope that icky snake stays on the farm and doesn't follow you to your new home!
    stella rose

  8. Oh I know it takes patience...... We still have a long way to go on our remodel.

  9. Eeeeeek! You know how I love those snakes! I hope you don't have any at your new house! :)

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