Sunday, April 13, 2014

A Very Stormy Sunday

It has begun. 

Storm season. 

No matter how old I get, I still get nervous. 

They have extended the warning, I have the tv on still right next to me.  
I'm going to try to get out to lock the birds up... but if I can't, I'm not going to worry too much... they will have to go through the night with temps dropping... and make it through with their lights on in their henhouses... but that won't kill them. 

We have a storm shelter here in this house, thank heavens! 

I have been working here at the house all day, after running out to get the birds fed and watered.  
I did see this beautiful sight on the way: 

It is almost a block worth of flowering trees on two different properties.. an absolutely glorious sight! 

I came home to this! 

And several hours of showers which we sorely needed. 

And was this kind of day for the dogs.  Abby was staying close while I folded clean clothes and put other things away... I'm still working on it here at the new house. 

I found a sack of toys I had bought at the thrift store before the move... and the one Abs has in her mouth has a sound thingy... and says a phrase.  When she picked it up, it talked to her!  She went crazy! 

This was dinner today, I worked on it after putting things away. 
I have to tell you, it takes a while... those are meatballs, only I kind of tore them up as I ladled them... 
but my gosh, delicious!  I found the recipe on Facebook, posted by the Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, and the recipe is HERE.  This is part of a promotion by Land O Lakes to pin to help America's hunger.  If you go to the link, Ree will explain.  Yes, I've pinned... and we'll be making this great dish for family at some time in the near future! 

This afternoon, we have had a terrible situation in the county to the south of us... 
a shooting by a Neo Nazi sympathizer of three persons... and a four in the hospital in surgery. 
Our hearts go out to them, and our prayers.  


  1. i had just finished watching a documentary on the holocaust which was very moving and then i heard about this shooting. will people ever learn? i hope your rain comes our way though those skies looked very scary. our mountains break that stuff up around here. i saw this meatball recipe on pioneer woman the other day. they sure look good! it was 85 here today. i could watch my radishes growing! it is going to be 27 degrees on tuesday night!

  2. I wouldn't want to be in your neck of the woods with clouds like that rolling over (unless Im was at your dinner table - yum)!

  3. Oh my, those clouds look scary to me.. Your dog is so sweet.. I love that breed.. This world is going crazy and
    really a person doesn't know what they will hear next.. Take care, dear. xo

  4. The rain is nice but I am not impressed with the
    thunder or lightning.

    We were a bit shocked to hear of the shooting
    as you know Overland Park is one city from us
    making this a little too close to home.
    Prayers fo all involved.

    M : )

    1. Mary Ann,

      Our weather radio was screaming tonight three times. The weather did turn nasty with high winds, lightning and thunder. Their was circular motion but not tornadoes for us, thank God!!! I'm glad to hear things did calm down weather wise for the both of us.

      I'm going to have to try those meatballs, they look delicious.

  5. I heard about that shooting and wondered if it was close to you. And your storms scare me to death. I'd much rather be here with earthquakes. ...the devil you know, I guess.

  6. I would be nervous of those storms as well; Dinner looks yum.

  7. I think we all get a little nervous in storms like that. It's good now you have a place to go if the weather gets really bad. I head for the basement when we get storm advisories here. Glad you got some much needed rain anyway. Our trees here are now just starting to bud and a few have blossoms since we had a few days close to 70 here. It is a beautiful time of year.

  8. We are getting your storms today Mary Ann. And they said that we might get a frost. OMG......crazy weather.

  9. Those are really good storm pictures...we saw that terrible news on the abc news this to see abs playing wif her toys.
    stella rose


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