Friday, April 11, 2014

Look Who Came Down from the Rafters!

Don't look now... the Rafter Chickens have descended! 

It was an absolute gorgeous day outside today, and actually got to 80.... 
I had both popholes opened... and the three little blue roosters, who prevented these guys from coming down, had gone outside for the day. 

Here were the Elvi, in the shade underneath the little red henhouse. 
That's a branch hanging in the picture, not an electric line. 

If I could move these guys out, the old roosters and their little hen could come down daily. 

Rooster Three was out too.  
I am not opening the gate to the pasture.  With no one living there... they are safer in the yard. 
I did, however, leave both the pophole here, and the pophole in the much safer henspa open tonight... because I went by too early to lock up.  I'm crossing my fingers no possums come visiting tonight. 

Fluffernut and April are still laying daily.  I pick up their two eggs when I go out to do chores in the evening.  
In fact, I have two dozen eggs to donate tomorrow when I drop some things 
off at the food pantry. 

Also... good news for the food pantry! 

They are crammed into an old house that was sort of renovated for their needs... but the steps are hard to get up and down, and they just have no room to sort, etc.  People are cramped when they are shopping. 

This week, there was an auction in downtown Tonganoxie.  A restaurant that had closed a year ago was sold... and the business block attached to it... was sold to the pantry/thrift store!  I am so very glad for them... they will be in great, street level suites, with plenty of room for sorting, selling, and for the pantry and food storage.  What a blessing! 

Here came Moe to see what I was up to!  

We are expecting lots of rain on Sunday, so I am going to go out and move several loads tomorrow.  
I have decided that if we have not used something in a year, it's going to be donated or chucked.  It's making things go MUCH easier!  

I thought you all might enjoy seeing this farmhouse from the 1860s, right around the corner from us... it has some equally old barns that are in poor shape, just out of camera view.  Someone lives here... I would LOVE to see the inside! 

Can you see the little calf next to it's momma? 

Last night, Keith and I ran to the old place to get another load.  As I went by this place, about a mile from us, the momma cow was out near the road... she had just dropped this gorgeous little Hereford cross calf. 
I couldn't tell if it was heifer or bull calf, but it was healthy.  Keith saw it jumping around and playing this morning on his way to work, and when I came back by, it was sleeping near mom as she ate hay. 
We really like the owners here... she was alone in that side of the pasture with her calf... and the other cows were across a fence line grazing.   How neat to see this sweet little new life, so close to us! 


  1. The nice weather has everyone happy, or so it seems! So glad the roosters were able to come down and enjoy the day!

  2. Congrats to the food pantry!

    Enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to
    be great!

    M : )

  3. Oh it was a wonderful day for everyone!

  4. I love that farmhouse. I drive through an area with cattle ranches near my office and I love seeing all the calves out in the pastures with their mothers.

  5. i would love to see the inside of that farmhouse too! it is going to be in the 80's here for a few days and then back down to 27 degrees on tuesday night!

  6. We are expecting a pretty day with some sunshine and temps in the 60's and thankfully no rain. It's our family get together today to celebrate Easter. Hope you have a super Saturday!

  7. Good to see the guys came down!


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